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Contribute to the Glossary

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Interested in adding terms?

The Glossary is open to Community contributions. We welcome terms, acronyms, concepts, etc. to help merchants, developers, QA, and marketing better understand Magento technologies, concepts, features, jargon, etc.

See CONTRIBUTING for complete details.

  1. Fork, branch, and start writing terms in markdown (.md) files.
  2. Create PRs for review.
  3. Team members will review and merge.

Write definitions!

See the Glossary template for full details and look over existing terms.

  • Always include a term, tag.
  • Always use the template.
  • Definitions support text, bullets, links.
  • Add "Learn more:" links at the end of your definitions to documentation, blogs, videos, etc.

Build locally to preview!

  1. In a command line/terminal, change to the root directory for the branch.
  2. Enter yarn install.
  3. Enter yarn develop. The glossary compiles, builds, and can be accessible by default at http://localhost:8000/.

As you save terms, the output for that content rebuilds

Tag Group

Enter issues

Writer or enter an issue to update existing terms or suggest new ones.

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