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Magento GraphQL Roadmap items are typically planned by milestone. You can filter our Task Board by milestone to see a more clear picture of short-term work.

For a visual view of how the tasks are organized by area, see our "Mind Map"

For details on the items below, please search the issues list in GitHub (keep in mind they may be closed) or on DevDocs.


  • Coverage
    • Products
      • All product types
      • Search
      • Filtering
      • Sorting
      • Pagination
      • Scopes
      • EAV
      • Extension attributes
      • Pricing
      • Schema documentation
    • Category
    • Customer
      • Customer data
      • Authentication based on session token
    • CMS
      • Pages
      • Blocks
    • Store Config
  • Framework
    • Queries
    • Mutations
    • Resolvers
    • URL Resolution

2.3.1 (~Q1 2019)

  • Coverage
    • Checkout
      • Create empty Cart
      • Fetch guest/registered shopper Cart
      • Add simple product to Cart
      • Add configurable product to Cart
      • Add/Remove Coupons to/from Cart
      • Set Shipping Address on Cart
    • Products
      • Swatch color code/image data
    • Customer
      • Create customer account
    • CMS
      • Return rendered content for product, category fields
    • My Account
      • Change account information
      • Change Newsletter subscription
      • Manage address book
    • Store Config
      • Extend store config coverage
  • Framework
    • Authentication
      • Generate/revoke customer token
    • Query complexity limiting
    • Object input types as variables in Query

2.3.2 (~Q2 2019)

  • Coverage
    • Basic Checkout end-to-end flow
      • Set Billing Address on Cart
      • Manage Shipping Methods on Cart
      • Manage Payment Methods on Cart
      • Place order
    • Product
      • MSI support
  • Framework
    • URL Resolution
      • Return SEO-friendly URLs

2.3.3 (~Q3 2019)

  • Coverage
    • Checkout
      • Expanded support for payment methods
      • Expanded support for shipping methods
      • Expanded support for product types

Long term

Performance Track

GraphQL Caching

Implement caching in GraphQL with the goal of increasing overall round-trip request-response performance, and considering both server-side and client-side (mainly for 3rd party tools) aspects.

Persistence Layer

Persistence layer provides flexible and performant data retrieval and a persistence-agnostic way to declare and store entities.

Coverage Track

Checkout Coverage

Provides an ability for a developer to create a checkout experience that is completely GraphQL-based. This includes cart manipulations and retrieval, as well as working with payment and shipping methods.

My Account

GraphQL needs to provide sufficient information for a developer to build out the storefront My Account experience for a shopper. This includes being able to fetch, for the logged in customer, My Orders, wishlists, stored payment methods, gift cards, rewards balance, gift registries, product reviews, etc.

Catalog product coverage

This work is intended to improve the coverage of the products query for GraphQL and will be a mixture of bugs and new enhancements. More details in the link above.

Catalog category coverage

This work is intended to improve the capabilities of the Category query by adding things like filtering, more efficient ways to fetch category parents/children, and exposing category-product relationships.

Framework Track


Making it easy and convenient to extend the GraphQL framework and customize it for the needs of extension developers and solution integrators (SIs).

Framework Improvements

There are several improvements we can make to the framework, including partial automation of docs and extensibility of tests

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