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Magento Cloud Patches


The Magento Cloud Patches package is a set of patches, previously used within the ece-tools package to improve the integration of all Magento versions with Cloud environments and to deliver critical fixes quickly. Beginning with ece-tools version 2002.0.22 and 2002.1.0, the Magento Cloud Patches package is required so that patches can be applied with same workflow used in ece-tools 2002.0.21 and earlier versions.

Contributing to Magento Cloud Patches Code Base

You can submit pull requests to fix potential bugs. If you find a bug or have a new suggestion, let us know by creating a Github issue.

Note: This repository is not an official support channel. To receive project-specific help, submit a support ticket using the Magento Support Portal. Any support-related issues opened in this repository will be closed with a request to open a support ticket.

Magento Cloud Suite

The Magento Cloud Suite includes a set of packages designed to deploy and manage Magento Commerce installations on the Cloud platform.

  • The ece-tools package - A set of scripts and tools designed to manage and deploy Cloud projects
  • Magento Cloud Components package - Extended Magento Commerce core functionality for sites deployed on the Cloud platform
  • Magento Cloud Docker package - Functionality and Docker images to deploy Magento Commerce to a local Cloud environment
  • Magento Cloud Patches package - A set of patches which improve the integration of all Magento versions with Cloud environments

Useful Resources


Each Magento source file included in this distribution is licensed under OSL-3.0 license.

See LICENSE.txt for the full text of the Open Software License v. 3.0 (OSL-3.0)

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