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a310c82 @mage2-team Update as of 10/11/2012
mage2-team authored
1 Update as of 10/11/2012
2 ======================
3 * Removed unused `Mage_DesignEditor_Model_History_Compact_Diff` class
4 * Fixes:
5 * Incorrect title for Manage Products page
6 * 'Element with ID 'wishlist_column_qty' already exists.' error on Manage Shopping Cart page
7 * Incorrect redirect on "Print Shipping Labels" action, when shipment without shipping label selected
8 * Error message is displayed twice, when restoring admin password with captcha enabled
9 * Impossible to retrieve admin password, when captcha is enabled
72f1ee6 @mage2-team Update as of 10/09/2012
mage2-team authored
11 Update as of 10/09/2012
12 ======================
13 * Performance Testing Framework improvements:
14 * Added ability to specify fixtures per scenario
15 * Implemented Magento application cleanup between scenarios
16 * Implemented support of PHP scenarios. The framework distinguishes type of the scenario by its extension: `jmx` or `php`
17 * Added ability to skip warm-up for a certain scenario
18 * JMeter scenarios are run with `jmeter` command instead of `java -jar ApacheJmeter.jar`. It's impossible to specify path to JMeter tool now, it should be accessible from command line as `jmeter`
19 * Implemented fixture for Performance Tests with 80k products distributed among 200 categories
20 * Tax rule management UI simplified:
21 * Added `Jeditable` jQuery library
22 * Added multiselect fields for customer tax class, product tax class and tax rate
23 * Added ability to add/edit Tax Rate directly from Tax Rule page
24 * Simplified product creation workflow:
25 * Added product types dropdown to "Add Product" button. Default attribute set is used for product creation
26 * "Add Product" button opens form for Simple product with Default attribute set
27 * Attribute set can be changed from product creation form
28 * Implemented auto-generation of product SKU and meta fields. The templates can be configured in `System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Catalog -> Product Fields Auto-Generation`
29 * Added ability to unassign system attribute from an attribute set, if it's not "Minimal" one
30 * Specified UI IDs for base Backend elements. UI ID is represented as HTML "id" attribute intended to identify certain HTML element
31 * Refactored `Catalog_Model_Product_Indexer_Flat::matchEvent()` method - reduced cyclomatic complexity
32 * Updated DB structure to make possible to store Themes' and Widgets' layout updates
33 * Migration to jQuery:
34 * Replaced Ajax, Dialog and Template mechanisms with jQuery analogs
35 * Added jQuery loader for translation process
36 * Migrated Inline-Translator to jQuery
37 * JavaScript improvements:
38 * Implemented `editTrigger` jQuery widget intended to display "Edit" button for elements it is attached to
39 * Fixes:
40 * Incorrect title for "Currency Symbols" page on Backend
41 * References to website, store and store view aren't displayed on Backend, if Single Store mode is disabled
42 * "Store" column and dropdown are displayed on `System -> Import/Export -> DataFlow-Profiles` page, when Single Store mode is enabled
43 * Options are absent for `'tax_class_id'` product attribute
44 * No exception/error message is produced, when attempting to commit/rollback asymmetric DB transaction
45 * Links are not copied during downloadable product duplication
46 * PayPal tab is absent in `System -> Configuration -> Sales` section
47 * "Edit" link in wishlist opens Product View page instead of "Configure Product" page
48 * Default value for a product attribute is not saved
49 * Escaped HTML blocks with `Mage_Core_Helper_Data::jsonEncode`, where necessary
50 * Impossible to add new Dataflow profile
51 * Impossible to specify default option for new product attribute with "dropdown" type
52 * Unable to send the email when creating new invoice/shipment/credit memo
53 * "Segmentation Fault" in Integration tests
54 * GitHub requests:
55 * [#36]( -- added ability to force set of "Include Tax" option for catalog prices
56 * [#63]( -- removed obsolete "args" node in event subscribers
57 * [#64]( -- fixed EAV text attribute validation for "0" value
58 * [#72]( -- fixed collecting shipping totals for case, when previous invoice value is 0
215c077 @mage2-team Update as of 9/27/2012
mage2-team authored
60 Update as of 9/27/2012
61 ======================
62 * Refactoring Magento 2 to use jQuery instead of Prototype:
63 * Implemented simple lazy-loading functionality
64 * Converted decorator mechanism to jQuery
65 * Moved Installation process to jQuery
66 * Moved Home, Category and Simple Product View pages to jQuery
67 * Moved all frontend libraries from `pub/js` directory to `pub/lib`
68 * Improved Javascript unit tests to be consistent with other test frameworks in Magento
69 * Added Javascript code analysis tests to the static tests suite
70 * Added jQuery file uploader for admin backend, cleaned out old deprecated uploaders
71 * Implemented fixture of 100k orders for the performance tests
72 * Fixes
73 * Admin menu elements order differs for a cached page and non-cached one
74 * Typos in System > Configuration > General Tab
75 * Wrong elements positions on "View Order" page
76 * Impossible to configure checkout on store scope
77 * Warning message in `system.log` when using GD2 image adapter
78 * "Preview" link is absent for managing CMS Pages in single store mode
79 * "Promotions" tab is missing on Configuration page
80 * Wrong format of performance tests config
da072ba @mage2-team Update as of 9/13/2012
mage2-team authored
82 Update as of 9/13/2012
83 ======================
84 * Implemented the option to enable the single store mode in the system configuration, which simplifies the back-end GUI:
85 * Hiding scope labels from the system configuration
86 * Hiding the scope switcher from the CMS management pages and the system configuration
87 * Hiding scope related fields from the system configuration
88 * Hiding scope related columns and fields from the sales pages (order, invoice, shipment pages)
89 * Hiding scope related fields from the promotions
90 * Hiding scope related fields from the catalog pages
91 * Hiding scope related columns and fields from the customers management page
92 * Hiding scope related columns and fields from the customer and customer address attributes management pages
93 * Implemented the history management for the Visual Design Editor
94 * Implemented the user interface for themes management, which allows to list existing themes and add new ones
95 * Replaced all usages of the old JavaScript translations mechanism with the new jQuery one
96 * Refactored methods with high cyclomatic complexity
97 * Converted some surrogate integration tests into functional Selenium tests
98 * Converted some surrogate integration tests into unit tests
99 * Fixes:
100 * Fixed inability to install application with a prefix defined for database tables
101 * Fixed displaying fields with model name in the payment methods settings
102 * Fixed performance degradation of the back-end menu rendering
103 * Fixed absence of the success message upon newsletter template creation/deletion/queueing
104 * Workaround for occasional segmentation fault in integration tests caused by `Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup_Migration`
105 * GitHub requests:
106 * [#51]( -- fixed managing of scope-spefic values for Categories
107 * [#56]( -- removed excessive semicolon in the CSS file
108 * [#60]( -- fixed taking bind parameters into account in `Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Db_Collection_Abstract::getAllIds()`
109 * [#61]( -- relocated declaration of the "Google Checkout" payment method into `Mage_GoogleCheckout` module from `Mage_Sales`
c0cf1af @mage2-team Update as of 9/05/2012
mage2-team authored
111 Update as of 9/05/2012
112 ======================
113 * Implemented encryption of the credit card name and expiration date for the payment method "Credit Card (saved)"
114 * Implemented console utility `dev/tools/migration/get_aliases_map.php`, which generates map file "M1 class alias" to "M2 class name"
115 * Implemented automatic data upgrades for replacing "M1 class aliases" to "M2 class names" in a database
116 * Implemented recursive `chmod` in the library class `Varien_Io_File`
117 * Improved verbosity of the library class `Magento_Shell`
118 * Migrated client-side translation mechanism to jQuery
119 * Performance tests:
120 * Improved assertion for number of created orders for the checkout performance testing scenario
121 * Reverted the feature of specifying PHP scenarios to be executed before and after a JMeter scenario
122 * Implemented validation for the number of created orders as a part of the JMeter scenario
123 * Implemented the "Admin Login" user activity as a separate file to be reused in the performance testing scenarios
124 * Implemented fixture of 100k customers for the performance tests
125 * Implemented fixture of 100k products for the performance tests
126 * Enhanced module `Mage_ImportExport` in order to utilize it for the fixture implementation
127 * Implemented back-end performance testing scenario, which covers Dashboard, Manage Products, Manage Customers pages
128 * Fixes:
129 * Fixed Magento console installer to enable write permission recursively to the `var` directory
130 * Fixed performance tests to enable write permission recursively to the `var` directory
131 * Fixed integration test `Mage_Adminhtml_Model_System_Config_Source_Admin_PageTest::testToOptionArray` to not produce "Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';' in Entity" in the developer mode
132 * GitHub requests:
133 * [#43]( -- implemented logging of executed setup files
134 * [#44](
135 * Implemented support of writing logs into wrappers (for example, `php://output`)
136 * Enforced a log writer model to be an instance of `Zend_Log_Writer_Stream`
137 * [#49](
138 * Fixed sorting of totals according to "before" and "after" properties
139 * Introduced `Magento_Data_Graph` library class and utilized it for finding cycles in "before" and "after" declarations
140 * Implemented tests for totals sorting including the ambiguous cases
fa5121e @mage2-team Update as of 8/30/2012
mage2-team authored
142 Update as of 8/30/2012
143 ======================
144 * Fixes:
145 * Fixed name, title, markup, styles at "Orders and Returns" homepage
146 * Fixed displaying products in the shopping cart item block at the backend
f149438 @mage2-team Update as of 8/26/2012
mage2-team authored
148 Update as of 8/26/2012
149 ======================
150 * Decoupled Tag module functionality from other modules
151 * Visual Design Editor:
152 * Implemented tracking of user changes history and rendering the actions at VDE toolbar
153 * Implemented compacting of user changes history. Compacting is done in order to save all the changes as a minimal layout update.
154 * Improvements:
155 * Added Atlassian IDE Plugin configuration files to `.gitignore`
156 * Relocated `add_to_cart`, `checkout` and `product_edit` performance scenarios from `samples` to the normal `testsuite` directory. These scenarios can be used for Magento performance testing.
157 * Implemented verification of number of orders that were created during execution of `checkout` performance scenario
158 * Removed usage of deprecated `PHPUnit_Extensions_OutputTestCase` class from unit tests
159 * Fixes:
160 * Fixed MySQL DB adapter to always throw exception, if it was not able to connect to DB because of wrong configuration. So now the adapter's behavior is not dependent on `error_reporting` settings.
161 * Added the missing closing tag to New Order email template
162 * Fixed `Mage_ImportExport_Model_Import_Entity_CustomerComposite` integration test issues
163 * Marked several integration tests in `Mage_Adminhtml_CustomerControllerTest` as incomplete, as the tested functionality was not MMDB-compliant
164 * Fixed issue with unit tests failure, when there was a Zend Framework installed as PEAR package
165 * Fixed `advanced_search` performance scenario to fail, if the searched product doesn't exist
166 * Fixed issue with non-escaped latest message link in admin backend
167 * GitHub requests:
168 * [#48]( -- fixed usage of a collection at the place, where just a single object was needed
37bf8f2 @mage2-team Update as of 8/15/2012
mage2-team authored
170 Update as of 8/15/2012
171 ======================
172 * Refactored ACL functionality:
173 * Implementation is not bound to backend area anymore and moved to `Mage_Core` module
174 * Covered backwards-incompatible changes with additional migration tool (`dev/tools/migration/Acl`)
175 * Implemented "move" layout directive and slightly modified behavior of "remove"
176 * A failure in DB cleanup by integration testing framework is articulated more clearly by throwing `Magento_Exception`
177 * Fixed security vulnerability of exploiting Magento "cookie restriction" feature
178 * Fixed caching mechanism of loading modules declaration to not cause additional performance overhead
179 * Adjusted include path in unit tests to use the original include path at the end, rather than at the beginning
e0f1c29 @mage2-team Update as of 8/9/2012
mage2-team authored
181 Update as of 8/9/2012
182 =====================
183 * Improvements:
184 * Implemented "multi-file" scheduled import/export of customers, deleted legacy implementation
185 * Ability to import amendments to complex product data, such as custom options
186 * Ability to cleanup database before installation using CLI script (`dev/shell/install.php`)
187 * Customer export feature performance optimizations
188 * Ability to control `robots.txt` via backend (System -> Config -> Design -> Search Engine Robots)
189 * Ability to create custom URL rewrites for CMS-pages
190 * Product editing and attribute set changes:
191 * Ability to copy custom options from one product to another
192 * Ability to create/change attribute set during product creation/editing
193 * Ability to define default values for all system attributes
194 * New "Minimal" attribute set which has only required system attributes
195 * "Google Sitemap" feature changes:
196 * The feature is renamed to "XML Sitemap"
197 * Reference to a XML sitemap file will be automatically added to `robots.txt` upon update. Controlled by "System -> Config -> Design -> Search Engine Robots", enabled by default
198 * Automatic switch to multiple "sitemaps" when size exceeds Google limits
199 * Support of images in sitemap
200 * Removed "HTML Sitemap" feature as such (not the one known as "Google Sitemap")
201 * Fixes:
202 * Map of listed products in XML sitemap will list product last modification date, rather than current date
203 * Incorrect timestamp of export file
204 * Addressed WSI-compliance issues in SOAP API (V2)
205 * Fixed incompatibility of Downloader tool with PHP 5.3
206 * Fixed inconsistent behavior of importing duplicated rows in CSV files
207 * Fixed message about successful registration not appearing if customer has previously logged out on the shopping cart page
208 * Fixed minor configuration issues for "Cache on Delivery Payment" method
209 * Fixed wrong order status in some cases when it is placed using PayPal with "Authorization" action
210 * Applied Zend framework security hotfix against XML external entity injection via XMLRPC API
211 * Fixed inappropriate displaying of credit card credentials to admin user after "reorder" action with and PayPal payment methods involved
b370593 @mage2-team Update as of 8/2/2012
mage2-team authored
213 Update as of 8/2/2012
7fec10a @mage2-team Update as of 8/1/2012
mage2-team authored
214 =====================
215 * Refactored ACL for the backend
216 * ACL resources
217 * Strict configuration format, validated by XSD schema
218 * ACL configuration relocation from `app/code/<pool>/<namespace>/<module>/etc/adminhtml.xml` to `app/code/<pool>/<namespace>/<module>/etc/adminhtml/acl.xml`
219 * Renamed ACL resource identifiers according to the format `<namespace>_<module>::<resource>` throughout the system
220 * Backend menu configuration requires to specify ACL resource identifier in the new format
221 * Explicit declaration of ACL resources in `app/code/<pool>/<namespace>/<module>/etc/system.xml` instead of implicit relation by XPath
222 * Migration tool `dev/tools/migration/acl.php` to convert ACL configuration from 1.x to 2.x
223 * Declaration of ACL resource/role/rule loaders through the area configuration
224 * Module `Mage_Backend` declares loader for ACL resources in backend area
225 * Module `Mage_User` declares loaders for ACL roles and rules (relations between roles and resources) in backend area
226 * Implemented integrity and legacy tests for ACL
227 * Fixed issues:
228 * Losing qty and visibility information when importing products
229 * Impossibility to reload captcha on backend
230 * Temporary excluded from execution integration test `Mage_Review_Model_Resource_Review_Product_CollectionTest::testGetResultingIds()` and corresponding fixture script, which cause occasional `segmentation fault` (exit code 139)
231 * Refactored methods with high cyclomatic complexity:
232 * `Mage_Adminhtml_Block_System_Store_Edit_Form::_prepareForm()`
233 * `Mage_Adminhtml_Block_System_Config_Form::initForm()`
234 * `Mage_Adminhtml_Block_System_Config_Form::initFields()`
235 * GitHub requests:
236 * [#32]( -- fixed declaration of localization CSV files
237 * [#35]( -- removed non-used `Mage_Core_Block_Flush` block
238 * [#41]( -- implemented ability to extends `app/etc/local.xml` by specifying additional config file via `MAGE_LOCAL_CONFIG` environment variable
a27835b @mage2-team Update as of 7/26/2012
mage2-team authored
240 Update as of 7/26/2012
241 =====================
242 * Implemented Magento Validator library in order to have clear solid mechanism and formal rules of input data validation
243 * Moved translations to module directories, so that it is much more convenient to manage module resources
244 * Updated inline translation mechanism to support locales inheritance
245 * Implemented ability to navigate through pending reviews with Prev/Next buttons, no need to switch to grid and back
246 * Fixed issues:
247 * Unable to use shell-installer after changes in Backend area routing process
248 * Incorrect redirect after entering wrong captcha on the "Forgot your user name or password?" backend page
249 * Translation is absent for several strings in Sales module `guest/form.phtml` template
250 * Exception during installation process, when `var` directory is not empty
251 * Node `modules` is merged to all modules' config XML-files, although it must be merged to `config.xml` only
252 * GitHub requests:
253 * [#39]( -- added `composer.json`, which was announced at previous update, but mistakenly omitted from publishing
1617a6e @mage2-team Update as of 7/19/2012
mage2-team authored
255 Update as of 7/19/2012
256 =====================
257 * Implemented inheritance of locales. Inheritance is declared in `app/locale/<locale_name>/config.xml`
258 * Moved declaration of modules from `app/etc/modules/<module>.xml` to `app/code/<pool>/<namespace>/<module>/config.xml`
259 * Implemented ability to match URLs in format `protocol://base_url/area/module/controller/action` (as opposite to only `module/controller/action`), utilized this feature in backend (admin) area
260 * Added product attribute set "Minimal Attributes", which consists of required system attributes only
261 * Improved customers import:
262 * Implemented "Delete" behavior for importing customers, customer addresses and financial data
263 * Implemented "Custom" behavior, which allows to specify behavior for each item directly from the imported file
264 * Updated performance tests:
265 * Enabled Product View, Category View, Add to Cart, Quick Search and Advanced Search scenarios
266 * Added ability to specify configuration parameters per scenario and refactored bootstrap of performance tests
267 * Implemented `mage.js` for base JavaScript initialization of the application
268 * Implemented new JS translation mechanism. JavaScript translations are loaded by locale code stored in cookies
269 * Implemented unit tests for JavaScript widgets in Visual Design Editor
270 * Added jQuery plugins: Cookie, Metadata, Validation, Head JS
271 * Fixed issues:
272 * Impossible to add configurable product to the cart
273 * Impossible to apply Shopping Cart Price Rule with any conditions to cart with simple and virtual product
274 * Memory leak in email templates
275 * Impossible to place order with Multiple Addresses using 3D Secure
276 * Required product attributes are not exported
277 * "Forgot Your Password" link on checkout page inactive after captcha reloading
278 * Validation of "Number of Symbols" field in Captcha configuration doesn't work
279 * Other small fixes
280 * GitHub requests:
281 * [#37]( -- fixed particular case of "HEADERS ALREADY SENT" error in WYSIWYG thumbnail
a27835b @mage2-team Update as of 7/26/2012
mage2-team authored
282 * [#39]( -- added `composer.json` (actually, doesn't come with this update due to a mistake in publishing process)
1617a6e @mage2-team Update as of 7/19/2012
mage2-team authored
283 * [#40]( -- fixed generation of "secret key" in backend URLs to honor `_forward` in controllers
3330e25 @mage2-team Update as of 7/3/2012
mage2-team authored
285 Update as of 7/3/2012
286 =====================
287 * Refactored backend (admin) menu generation:
288 * Menu is separated from `adminhtml.xml` files into `menu.xml` files
289 * Rendering menu became responsibility of `Mage_Backend` instead of `Mage_Adminhtml` module
290 * Implemented XML-Schema for `menu.xml`
291 * Actions with menu items defined in schema: add, remove, move, update, change parent and position
292 * Refactored customers import feature. New ability to provide import data in 3 files: master file (key customer information) + address file (customer id + address info) + financial file (customer id + reward points & store credit)
293 * Optimized memory consumption in integration tests:
294 * Found and eliminated memory leaks in `Mage_Core_Model_App_Area`, `Mage_Core_Model_Layout`
295 * Manually unset objects from PHPUnit test case object in `tearDown()` in integration tests. Garbage collector didn't purge them because of these references
296 * Disabled running `integrity` test suite by default in integration tests
297 * Improvements in visual design editor JavaScript:
298 * eliminated dependency of code on HTML-literals, reduced code coupling between templates and JavaScript files
299 * implemented blocking unwanted JavaScript activity in visual design editor mode
300 * Various fixes in UX, code stability, modularity
301 * GitHub requests:
302 * [#23]( -- added `Mage_Customer_Block_Account_Navigation::removeLink()`
0c3e67e @mage2-team Update as of 6/20/2012
mage2-team authored
304 Update as of 6/20/2012
305 =====================
306 * Implemented locale translation inheritance
307 * Implemented new format for exporting customer data
308 * Added initial Javascript code for globalization and localization
309 * Added initial Javascript unit tests
310 * Implemented file signature for urls of static files - better CDN support
311 * Implemented optional tracking of changes in view files fallback - cached by default, tracked in developer mode
312 * Introduced `@magentoDbIsolation` annotation in integration tests - isolates DB modifications made by tests
313 * Started refactoring of Visual Design Editor Javascript architecture
3330e25 @mage2-team Update as of 7/3/2012
mage2-team authored
314 * GitHub requests:
0c3e67e @mage2-team Update as of 6/20/2012
mage2-team authored
315 * [#25]( Removed unused `Mage_Core_Block_Abstract::getHelper()` method
316 * Fixed:
317 * "$_FILES array is empty" messages in exception log upon installation
318 * Long attribute table aliases, that were producing errors at DB with lower identifier limitation than MySQL
319 * Watermark opacity function did not work with ImageMagick
320 * `Magento_Test_TestCase_ControllerAbstract::assertRedirect` was used in a wrong way
321 * Inability to reorder a downloadable product
322 * ACL tables aliases interference with other table aliases
323 * Several tests are made incomplete temporary, appropriate bugs to be fixed in the nearest future
93f38e9 @mage2-team Update as of 6/7/2012
mage2-team authored
325 Update as of 6/7/2012
326 =====================
327 * Fixed various crashes of visual design editor
328 * Fixed some layouts that caused visual design editor toolbar disappearing, also fixed some confusing page type labels
329 * Eliminated "after commit callback" workaround from integration tests by implementing "transparent transactions" capability in integration testing framework
330 * Refactored admin authentication/authorization in RSS module. Removed program termination and covered the controllers with tests
331 * Removed HTML-report feature of copy-paste detector which never worked anyway (`dev/tests/static/framework/Inspection/CopyPasteDetector/html_report.xslt` and all related code)
3330e25 @mage2-team Update as of 7/3/2012
mage2-team authored
332 * GitHub requests:
333 * [#19]( Implemented "soft" dependency between modules and performed several improvements in the related code, covered with tests
93f38e9 @mage2-team Update as of 6/7/2012
mage2-team authored
99b4374 @mage2-team Update as of 5/31/2012
mage2-team authored
335 Update as of 5/31/2012
336 ======================
337 * Implemented backend authentication independent of `Mage_Adminhtml` module. Authentication can be disabled
338 * Authentication logic is moved to `Mage_Backend` module and being performed in controller instead of observer
339 * `Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_Action` is changed to `Mage_Backend_Controller_ActionAbstract`, `Mage_Admin_Model_Session` is changed to `Mage_Backend_Model_Auth_Session`, `Mage_User_Model_Role` and `Mage_User_Model_Roles` classes are unified into one `Mage_User_Model_Role` class
340 * Introduced `Mage_User` module for users and roles management
341 * Introduced support of minimized CSS and JS files: in production mode minimized file is used, if exists
342 * Implemented resize, rotate, crop and watermark functionality for ImageMagick adapter
343 * Fixed some issues:
344 * Fixed absence of product without image, if ImageMagick is used
345 * Fixed broken Downloadable product creation page, when developer mode is enabled
346 * Fixed random failures of `Integrity_LayoutTest::testHandlesHierarchy` test
347 * Fixed backup creation: media directory was excluded from the backup file when it should be included and vice-versa
348 * Fixed broken product configuration page in Shopping Cart
349 * Fixed incorrect work of "After number of attempts to login" functionality for CAPTCHA: captcha was not displayed after specified number of incorrect attempts
350 * Fixed creation of User Role: resource access was set to 'Custom', when 'All' is selected
351 * Fixed exception "Unable to locate skin file" at the end of installation
352 * Fixed broken "Use Store Credit" functionality on checkout
353 * Fixed lost MySQL connection, if it's not used for long time
354 * Fixed ability to separate CDN server setup for static and media content
355 * Other small fixes
b8f3ea4 @mage2-team Update as of 5/23/2012
mage2-team authored
357 Update as of 5/23/2012
358 ======================
359 * Published performance tests (`dev/tests/performance`)
360 * Implemented support of ImageMagick library for processing images
361 * Distinguished "Page Fragments" and "Pages" in layout handles declaration
362 * Reduced performance drop caused by introducing containers
99b4374 @mage2-team Update as of 5/31/2012
mage2-team authored
363 * Implemented `Magento_Data_Structure` library which is used to handle structure of layout elements
b8f3ea4 @mage2-team Update as of 5/23/2012
mage2-team authored
364 * Fixed some issues:
365 * Fixed error on saving newsletter template
366 * Fixed some checkout issues:
367 * order is not placed if 3D Secure is used
368 * transaction is not created if PayPal Standard is used
369 * "Purchase Order Number" field is not displayed
370 * failed checkout on concurrent user requests
371 * Fixed incorrect shipment creation: shipping and tracking information was not saved
372 * Fixed broken category page when "Use Flat Catalog Product" is enabled
373 * Fixed incorrect applying of discount to a sub-product, if more two rules are being applied
374 * Fixed broken "Edit" product link in Wishlist and Shopping Cart
375 * Fixed broken installation when "pub/media" is not writable
376 * Fixed resetting Design Theme configuration option when User-Agent Exception is added
377 * Fixed error while running unit tests, when Zend Framework is installed with PEAR
378 * Fixed incorrect processing of "before" and "after" layout instructions in case, when the instruction refers to a node, which is not processed yet
379 * Fixed broken import/export functionality
380 * Fixed broken Web Services pages in Admin Panel
381 * Fixed broken creation of URL rewrite
382 * Fixed error in Weee module caused broken view pages of configurable products with recurring profile or downloadable/bundle product
383 * Fixed error on submitting XML Connect application
384 * Fixed broken design when database is used as media storage
385 * Other small changes
f8dac8f @mage2-team Update as of 5/09/2012
mage2-team authored
387 Update as of 5/09/2012
388 ======================
389 * Implemented configuration option that enables the page types hierarchy usage during the page generation
390 * Removed theme/view config files caching in favour of the view files map to be implemented in the future
391 * Fixed some issues:
392 * Fixed persistent elements highlighting for the Visual Design Editor
393 * Fixed instruction text absence for the "Cash On Delivery Payment" payment method
394 * Fixed suggestion text for the 'urlEscape' method in the legacy test
395 * Fixed "Manage Currency Symbols" system configuration page
396 * Fixed currency validation for the PayPal Website Payments Standard
397 * Fixed Web API for product to category assignment by SKU containing digits only
398 * Implemented new tests
af7068a @mage2-team Update as of 5/05/2012
mage2-team authored
400 Update as of 5/05/2012
401 ======================
402 * Added theme inheritance ability
403 * Removed @group annotation usage in integration tests
404 * Introduced keeping of highlighting state while switching between pages in Visual Design Editor
405 * Fixed some issues:
406 * Fixed producing a misleading message by phpcs and phpmd static tests in a case, when no test is failed, but the tools execution failed itself
407 * Fixed automatic publication of images in case when image is changed, but CSS file is not
408 * Fixed broken "Customer My Account My OAuth Applications" page type in Visual Design Editor
409 * Fetched updates from Magento 1.x up to April 30 2012. Refer to [Magento 1 release notes]( for details
fe7317b @mage2-team Update as of 4/26/2012
mage2-team authored
411 Update as of 4/26/2012
412 ======================
413 * Introduced `Mage_Backend` module and relocated backend area routing model there (was `Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Admin`). The "adminhtml" area is also declared in the `Mage_Backend` module.
414 * Introduced declaration of application area in config.xml with the following requirements:
415 * Must declare with a router class in `config/global/areas/<area_code>/routers/<router_code>/class`
416 * May declare `config/global/areas/<area_code>/base_controller`, which would enforce any controllers that serve in this area, to be descendants of the specified class
417 * Refined styling of the visual design editor toolbar. Subtle improvements of toolbar usability.
418 * Fetched updates from Magento 1.x up to April 11 2012. Refer to [Magento 1 release notes]( for details
9ddf88f @mage2-team Update as of 4/13/2012
mage2-team authored
420 Update as of 4/13/2012
421 ======================
423 * Implemented a tool for migrating factory table names from 1.x to 2.x. The tool replaces table names by list of names associations
99b4374 @mage2-team Update as of 5/31/2012
mage2-team authored
424 * Changed Unit tests suite running from usage AllTests.php in each directory to configuration in phpunit.xml.dist. Now all tests in `testsuite` directory are launched, there is no necessity to add new tests to the config
9ddf88f @mage2-team Update as of 4/13/2012
mage2-team authored
425 * Implemented in Visual Desig Editor:
426 * Containers highlighting
427 * Dropping of elements
428 * Fixed some issues:
af7068a @mage2-team Update as of 5/05/2012
mage2-team authored
429 * Fixed sorting of elements in Layout if element is added before its sibling
9ddf88f @mage2-team Update as of 4/13/2012
mage2-team authored
430 * Fixed broken Customer Registration page on Front-End and Back-End
431 * Fixed broken Order Create page on Back-End
432 * Replaced usages of deprecated Mage_Customer_Model_Address_Abstract::getFormated() to Mage_Customer_Model_Address_Abstract::format()
433 * Fixed elements' duplication on pages (downloadable, bundle product view)
434 * Fetched updates from Magento 1 up to April 6 2012. Refer to [Magento 1 release notes]( for details
6194a7a @mage2-team Update as of 3/26/2012
mage2-team authored
436 Update as of 3/26/2012
437 ======================
439 * Introduced concept of containers and "page types" in layout.
440 * Containers replace `Mage_Core_Block_Text_List` and `Mage_Page_Block_Html_Wrapper`
441 * Widgets now utilize page types and containers instead of "handles" and "block references"
442 * Implemented first draft of visual design editor with the following capabilities
443 * highlighting and dragging blocks and containers, toggling highlighting on/off
444 * switching to arbitrary theme and skin
445 * navigating to arbitrary page types (product view, order success page, etc...), so that they would be editable with visual design editor
446 * Refactored various places across the system in order to accommodate transition to containers, page types and visual design editor, which includes
447 * Output in any frontend controller action using layout only
448 * Output in any frontend controller specifies one and only one layout handle, which equals to its full action name. There can be other handles that extend it and they are determined by layout loading parameters, provided by controller.
449 * No program termination (exit) on logging in admin user
450 * Session cookie lifetime is set to 0 for frontend and backend. Session will exist until browser window is open, however backend session lifetime limitation does not depend on cookie lifetime anymore.
451 * Fixes:
452 * Failures of tests in developer mode
453 * `app/etc/local.xml` affected integration tests
454 * Addressed pull requests and issues from Github
455 * Fetched updates from Magento 1 up to March 2 2012. Refer to [Magento 1 release notes]( for details.
457 Update as of 2/29/2012
458 ======================
460 * Added jQuery to Magento 2. It has not been made a main library yet, however all new features are developed using jQuery.
461 * Added support for new versions of testing tools - PHPUnit 3.6, PHPMD 1.3.0. Confirmed compatibility with latest PHPCS 1.3.2 and PHPCPD 1.3.5.
462 * Improved legacy tests:
463 * Refactored Integrity_ClassesTest and Legacy_ClassesTest.
464 * Implemented a tool for migrating factory names from 1.x to 2.x. The tool scans PHP-code and replaces the most "popular" cases.
465 * Added tests for `//model` in config.xml files and `//*[@module]` in all xml files.
466 * Implemented a test that verifies the absence of relocated directories.
467 * Added a test against the obsolete Varien_Profiler.
468 * Bug fixes:
469 * Fixed docblock for Mage_Core_Model_Design_Package.
470 * Fixed static code analysis failures related to case-sensitivity.
471 * Fixed several typos and minor mistakes.
472 * Fixed integration test's failures due to specifics of xpath library version.
473 * Imported fresh features and bug fixes from Magento 1.x.
475 Additional Tests and Fixes
476 ==========================
478 * Various code integrity fixes in different places:
479 * Fixed obsolete references to classes
480 * Fixed broken references to template and static view files
481 * Fixed some minor occurrences of deprecated code
482 * Code style minor fixes
483 * Various minor bugfixes
484 * Implemented "developer mode" in integration tests
485 * Added "rollback" scripts capability for data fixtures
486 * Removed deprecated methods and attributes from product type class
487 * Restructured code integrity tests:
488 * Moved out part of the tests from integration into static tests
489 * Introduced "Legacy" test suite in static tests. This test suite is not executed by default when running either phpunit directly or using the "batch tool"
490 * Simplified and reorganized the "Exemplar" and self-assessment tests for static code analysis
491 * Covered previously made backwards-incompatible changes with legacy tests
492 * Changed storage of class map from a PHP-file with array into a better-performing text file with serialized array.
493 * Published dev/tests/static and dev/tests/unit
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