Fixed Product Taxes (FPT) are not used from simple products #4774

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a configurable product
  2. Give it's child-products different FPT values
  3. Add the product to the cart

Expected result

  1. That the product in the cart has the FPT applied of the child product

Actual result

  1. The FPT of the parent product (configurable) is applied instead.
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choukalos commented Jun 2, 2016 edited

Hi @kanduvisla,

Our FPT/WEEE implementation is pretty simple. We only look at the product's attribute for what the WEEE fee is. That means for meta-products, such as configurable, bundled, grouped, we only see the meta-product's fee and not a roll up of the children's fee.

Internally I'm tracking this as a feature request (MAGETWO-53828).


Is this feature going to be implemented in 2.1?


No, it's way out there - buried in icebox; unless there's a massive deluge of interest/need for this it's likely to stay there.

On the other hand if some one wants to give us a PR we'd love to take it into mainline.


I try to figure it out myself. Any pointers on where to look to manipulate FPT? Any events or plugin suggestions?


I think I figured out a way to do this with only one plugin and one rewrite, but I'm not sure if it's solid enough. Anyway, I'll leave the link on how I did this here for future developers who might encounter the same situtation (untill Magento decides to take this feature request out of the icebox):

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skymeissner commented Aug 21, 2016 edited

This really needs to get a bug label. I can choose a tax rate for child products. But it is not used.

@kanduvisla I will try using your code and will post here if it works for me.


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