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Is it possible to add a new PDF generation mechanism in Magento 2 in CORE?

Maybe based on HTML -> PDF or using advanced PDF editors?

Something like:


Now it is almost impossible to change anything about the PDF documents without very advanced programming and changing complex files

Many thanks




-1 (just kidding)




Maybe better way is remove PDF generation from Magento at all.
I believe that for most customers the print versions of pages are enough. Rest can use dompdf library to convert html in pdf (library license incompatible with Magento, so it cannot be in core!)
What do you think of that?

@elenleonova elenleonova was assigned by verklov May 27, 2014

This discussion reminds me the question that I have asked in twitter some time ago -
So I know that this issue exists, so update of pdf template engine is on our roadmap. However, it's hard to talk about timing for this improvement. So if community is interested in the contribution in this area, it would be awesome.


Another idea:

The most ideal way would be that it is possible to use a regular template (build it with XML, use your normal styling, etc.) and convert that to PDF. No more troubles while changing a PDF.

And related: Have the invoice be fully compatible with EU regulations (for example:




If possible, please solve the PDF issue with unicode fonts

@verklov verklov added the PROD label Dec 12, 2014

Internal ticket: MAGETWO-24799


Just a good alternative to use existing HTML5 to PDF library. Saves a lot of hassle for merchants who'd like custom invoices design:
Maybe library is not good in architecture, but proved to save so many clients from PDF class override madness: (can be included into Magento as composer dependency)

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