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the last commit magento 2.0.0 dev 87 does not inlcude installation files under pub/static. can not install it.

thank you.


As a quick workaround, if you run "php -f dev/tools/Magento/Tools/View/deploy.php" it will generate pub/static. I am not sure this is the "right" answer, but hopefully it will get you going until the right answer comes along ;-). Ignore any error messages that come up.


Thank you.
it did the job. i'm just new to magento, do you know any good documentation to start understanding and developing magento.


Hi, @akacemy
there could be several possible issues with your environment that prevent static view files from being processed correctly:
1. if you use Nginx. See #586 in this case, last comment form @mage2-team provides link to Nginx configuration
2. Apache's mod_rewrite is disabled. Please enable it, it's required for Magento 2 application now
3. Your .htaccess files are not allowed by Apache configuration. Check AllowOverride directive in httpd.conf for your web-site directory.


About rendered files. Yes, it's more a workaround :) It still can work for you, if you don't need to change static view files (e.g., you're a not a front-end developer).

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@akacemy, we are glad that the issue was resolved using the workaround. Did you encounter it again while installing newer versions of code? If yes, did you follow the recommendations by @buskamuza? Please let us know so that we could assist you further if needed or close this issue if it is resolved for you.

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I came across the same issue and did check mod_rewrite and .htaccess. ( I am using apache though) The files seem to not exist.

@alankent - that tip worked amazing! thank you


@jamieshiz , files should not exist from start. In "default" mode the files will appear as they're requested. In "developer" mode files are never published to pub/static folder, instead they're read by PHP from original files (in modules, themes) and the content is returned.
If this doesn't work, either there is an issue with redirect to static entry point (pub/static.php) by mod_rewrite or there is an issue in the entry point itself (you can check it by removing pub/static contents before and requesting any js/css resource in "developer" mode - either requested resource should appear or an error).


What? and why does Magento2 require mod_rewrite to install. I see why I'm unable to install in IIS/FastCGI now.

+1 to removing the mod_rewrite module requirement.


@gfxguru you can run it without Apache / mod_rewrite if you use the builtin webserver in php 5.4+; use the bootstrap file on my repo and see the section about Magento 2 dev mode:


@gfxguru, see #626 , it contains recommendations for IIS.


Closing this issue as the solution was provided in the thread.

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