Turkish Lira (TRY) is supported for Turkish members. #259

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verklov commented Nov 7, 2013

Hello erenkarayigit,
Sorry for the delay with the response.
Thank you for your contribution! We are planning to include your pull request in a future Magento 2 code release.

@magento-team magento-team added a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 29, 2013
@magento-team magento-team
* Modularity improvements:
  * Breakdown of the Adminhtml module:
     * Moved Newsletter, Report logic to the respective modules
     * Moved blocks, config, view, layout files of other components from Adminhtml folder to respective modules
  * Removed application dependencies from the library
* Move Magento\Core common blocks in the library
* Application areas rework:
  * Areas are independent from Store
  * Removed deprecated annotation from the getArea methods
* GitHub requests:
  * [#245](#245) -- Resolve design flaws in core URL helper
  * [#247](#247) -- Bug in Mage_Page_Block_Html_Header->getIsHomePage
  * [#259](#259) -- Turkish Lira (TRY) is supported for Turkish members.
  * [#262](#262) -- Update Rule.php
  * [#373](#373) -- [Magento/Sales] Fixed typos
  * [#382](#382) -- [Magento/Core] Fixed typos
  * [#304](#304) -- Removed Erroneous closing "
  * [#323](#323) -- InstanceController.php - made setBody protected
  * [#349](#349) -- Move Mage_Catalog menu declaration into Mage_Catalog module.
  * [#265](#265) -- Update Merge.php
  * [#271](#271) -- Check Data should validate gallery information
  * [#305](#305) -- Extra ", tidied up nested quotes
  * [#352](#352) -- Add Croatia Country as part of European Union since 1st July 2013 for default european local countries in configuration
  * [#224](#224) -- Tax formatting is locale aware and should not
  * [#338](#338) -- Correcting SQL for required_options column
  * [#327](#327) -- cart api bug fix & partial invoice credit memo divide by zero warning
* Themes update:
  * Old frontend (magento_demo) and backend (magento_basic) themes are removed
  * Updated templates and layout updates in the Bundle, Catalog, CatalogInventory, CatalogSearch, Downloadable, ProductAlert, Reports, Sendfriend modules
* Fixed bugs:
  * Fixed the error when  Magento cannot be reinstalled to the same database with table prefix
  * Fixed report Products in Cart
  * Fixed error on attempt to insert image to CMS pages under version control
  * Fixed order status grid so that you can assign state, edit, and view custom order status
  * Fixed Related Products Rule page so that category can be selected on conditions tab
  * Fixed Magento_Paypal_Controller_ExpressTest integration test so it is re-enabled
  * Fixed the bug with international DHL quotes
verklov commented Nov 29, 2013

Hello erenkarayigit,
We have processed your pull request. The code is released in version dev54.

@verklov verklov closed this Nov 29, 2013
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