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Triage Wanted

Serhii Dzhepa edited this page Apr 5, 2019 · 2 revisions

To improve backlog health, we are launching a new initiative «Triage Wanted». This initiative focuses on archiving outdated or stale issues. The aim is to create a quality, community-driven backlog which will allow us to allocate the required attention more easily.

Issues will be analyzed and ranked based on user involvement over time, including factors such as discussion, reactions, and attempts to fix by submitting a pull request. Based on these factors we have marked 50 issues with the label «triage wanted». We encourage the community to take a look at these issues and provide feedback, if you have any, over the next two weeks. Items that did not get enough reaction after this two-week period will be considered inactive and archived in a separate project. We will then repeat the process every two weeks.

A list of the issues currently under triage is available by filtering «issues» section with the «triage wanted» label.

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