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If your Magento installation has a hierarchy of websites, stores, or views, you can set the context, or “scope” of a configuration setting to apply to a specific part of the installation. The context of many database entities can also be assigned a specific scope to determine how it is used in the store hierarchy. To learn more, see: [Product Scope]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link catalog/ %}) and [Price Scope]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link catalog/ %}).

Some configuration settings such as postal code, have a [global] scope because the same value is used throughout the system. The [website] scope applies to any stores below that level in the hierarchy, including all stores and their views. Any item with the scope of [store view] can be set differently for each store view, which is typically used to support multiple languages.

Unless the store is running in [Single Store Mode]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link stores/ %}), the scope of each configuration setting appears in small text below the field label. If your installation includes multiple websites, stores or views, you should always choose the [Store View]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link stores/ %}) where the settings apply before making any changes.

![]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link images/images/scope-multisite.png %}){: .zoom} Hierarchy of Websites, Stores, and Store Views

Scope Settings

Scope Description
Global System-wide settings and resources that are available throughout the Magento installation.
Website Settings and resources that are limited to the current website. Each website has a default store.
Store Settings and resources that are limited to the current store. Each store has a default root category (main menu) and default store view.
Store View Setting and resources that are limited to the current store view.
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