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Account Details

Use the Account option on the Settings menu to update your information and settings, and view your account dashboard.

To edit your account details

  1. In the lower-left corner, tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

  2. In the menu, choose Account.

    ![]({% link images/images/engagement-cloud-account.png %}){: .zoom} Account

  3. On the Account page, choose the Billing details tab.

    • Update the Company details as needed.

    • Update the Billing address as needed.

    • To add a Billing contact, tap New billing contact. Then, enter the email address of the billing contact, and tap Save.

  4. When complete, tap Save.

Field Descriptions

Company Details

|Company name|Your company name.| |Preferred contact number|Your preferred business contact telephone number, including area code.| |Purchase order number|The purchase order assigned by your company for making payments for your Engagement Cloud account.| |Tax status|Options: I am a UK registered organisation, I am a EU registered organisation, I am an IE registered organisation, I am exempt from paying tax, I am an AUS registered organisation, I am an AUS registered organisation, exempt from paying tax| {:style="table-layout:auto"}

Billing Address

|Email|The email address that is associated with billing.| |Country|The country where your company is registered for business.| |Building name/number|The building name and number, if applicable.| |Street|The street address of your business.| |City|The city where your business is located.| |State|The state where your business is located.| |Zip code|The ZIP code where your business is located.| |New billing contact|Allows you to enter the email address of an additional billing contact.| {:style="table-layout:auto"}

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