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Sharing a Wish List

Customers can manage their wish lists from the dashboard of their accounts. Store administrators can also help customers manage their wish lists from the Admin.

![Example storefront - My Wish List]({% link images/images/storefront-my-wishlist.png %}){: .zoom} Customer Dashboard with Wish List

Share Your Wish List

  1. In the left panel of your customer account dashboard, choose My Wish List.

  2. To add a comment to an item, hover over the image and enter your Comment in the box.

  3. To share your wish list, do the following:

    • Click Share My Wish List.

    • Enter the email address of each recipient, separated by a comma.

    • Enter a Message for the body of the email.

  4. When you are ready to send the message, click Share Wish List.

    ![Example storefront - share wish list]({% link images/images/storefront-wishlist-sharing.png %}){: .zoom} Customer Dashboard with Wish List

Transfer an Item to Your Cart

  1. To add a single item, do the following:

    • Hover over the item, and enter the Qty that you want to add to the cart.

    • Click Add to Cart.

  2. To transfer all wish list items to the cart, click Add All to Cart.

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