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Onboarding: Stock/Quantity

Step 2 Options{: .Blue} for [Listing Settings]({% link sales-channels/amazon/ %})

![]({% link images/images/sales-channels/amazon/onboarding-step-listing-settings.png %}){: .zoom}

If you are managing a store that is in "Active" or "Inactive" status, see [Stock/Quantity]({% link sales-channels/amazon/ %}).

{% include %}

These settings are part of your store's Listing Settings. Update these configurations during onboarding through the [Listing Settings]({% link sales-channels/amazon/ %}) step.

{ .bs-callout-info} For Magento 2.3.x users, Amazon Sales Channel supports the use of the Multi Source Inventory (MSI) extension without any additional setup. See [Managing Inventory]({% link catalog/ %}).

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When complete, continue to the [Fulfilled By]({% link sales-channels/amazon/ %}) section.

![]({% link images/images/sales-channels/amazon/amazon-stock-quantity.png %}){: .zoom} Stock/Quantity

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