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đź› Development tools to build, optimize and deploy Progressive Web Applications for Magento 2.
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sirugh and dpatil-magento [chore?]: Use createCustomer gql mutation instead of create-account R…
…EST endpoint (#1898)

* Validate email through graphql before submissission to create account endpoint

* Moving actual createAccount call into the talon rather than passed in onSubmit handlers. Add local submitting state to disable button during submission

* Use createCustomer mutation instead of old rest API. Mutation returns error state better than using a specific isEmailAvailable query.

* Fix tests

* add jsdoc

* Remove old createAccount redux tests

* fixup comments

* Clean up old state from reducer

* Reverse error message accumulation

* Add comment :)
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.github Change word to lowercase (#1834) Oct 4, 2019
docker [PB] Page Builder (#1872) Oct 18, 2019
packages [chore?]: Use createCustomer gql mutation instead of create-account R… Oct 22, 2019
pwa-devdocs [docs] Update cloud deploy docs (#1926) Oct 22, 2019
scripts Fixed a bug where the post-install script would suggest to setup a cu… Sep 21, 2019
.dockerignore Docker compose (#859) Mar 19, 2019
.editorconfig Add UPWARD specification, guide, tests, reference implementation (#248) Oct 4, 2018
.eslintignore feat: remove esm mid-compilation and add babel preset (#1404) Jul 19, 2019
.eslintrc.js fix(ci): Fix false CI failures from forked PRs (#230) Aug 16, 2018
.gitignore [PB] Page Builder (#1872) Oct 18, 2019
.npmrc chore: update dependencies and dev branch (#1006) Mar 12, 2019
.prettierignore feat: remove esm mid-compilation and add babel preset (#1404) Jul 19, 2019
.yarnrc Unified system for environment-based configuration (#1224) Jun 27, 2019 Removed duplicate words from sentences. (#1893) Oct 16, 2019 V4P4: feat(buildpack): scaffolding creation (#1500) Sep 26, 2019 V4P4: feat(buildpack): scaffolding creation (#1500) Sep 26, 2019
LICENSE.txt Doing some final touches to get the monorepo ready for public consump… Jun 13, 2018
LICENSE_AFL.txt Doing some final touches to get the monorepo ready for public consump… Jun 13, 2018 [Doc] Update README file (#1717) Sep 23, 2019
babel.config.js feat: remove esm mid-compilation and add babel preset (#1404) Jul 19, 2019
docker-compose.yml run dev server on docker env (#1558) Sep 17, 2019
jest.config.js [PB] Page Builder (#1872) Oct 18, 2019
lerna.json Merge branch 'release/2.1' into develop Mar 22, 2019
magento-compatibility.js Modify 2.3.1 version entry Jun 12, 2019
package.json [PB] Page Builder (#1872) Oct 18, 2019
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yarn.lock [PB] Page Builder (#1872) Oct 18, 2019

PWA Studio

Coverage Status

Magento PWA Studio is a collection of tools that lets developers build complex Progressive Web Applications on top of Magento 2 stores.

Useful links

PWA Studio documentation site - The best place to start learning about the tools and the technologies that PWA Studio provides. Here, you can learn PWA Studio concepts, find API reference docs, and read tutorials on how to use PWA Studio to create your own PWA storefront.

Here are some popular topics to help you get started:

PWA learning resources from Magento U - Just starting out with Progressive Web Application technologies in general? Check out Magento U's learning resource page for PWA. It contains links to online training, tutorials, and courses on the technologies you need to know to use PWA Studio.



Venia is a Magento PWA storefront created and powered by PWA Studio tools and libraries. Developers can use Venia as a reference storefront for their own projects or as a starting point for customization.

About this repository

To facilitate local development, testing, and versioning, PWA Studio is structured as a monorepo using Yarn Workspaces. Packages in this repository are independently published to NPM. Install individual packages as needed instead of installing the entire pwa-studio project as a dependency of your project.


This repository includes the following packages:

  • peregrine - A component library for adding logic to visual components
  • venia-ui - A library of visual components for PWA storefront projects
  • venia-concept - A concept storefront project built using PWA Studio tools
  • pwa-buildpack - A tooling library to help with PWA storefront development
  • upward-spec - UPWARD specification and test suite
  • upward-js - A reference implementation of the UPWARD specification
  • babel-preset-peregrine - A babel preset plugin that is required to use peregrine components
  • graphql-cli-validate-magento-pwa-queries - A script to validate your project's GraphQL queries against a schema
  • pwa-devdocs - Project source for the documentation site

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved, please create an issue.


Are you interested in contributing to the PWA Studio project? Check out the community wiki to learn how to contribute to PWA Studio.

If you are looking for an issue to work on, visit our backlog board and look at the Good First Issue column.

Join the conversation

If you have any project questions, concerns, or contribution ideas, join our #pwa slack channel!

Community contributors

The PWA Studio project welcomes all codebase and documentation contributions. We would like to recognize the following community members for their recent efforts on improving the PWA Studio project:

zengang-image zanilee-image vitalics-image sudeep-cedcoss-image speedy008-image shashidesilva-image sanjay-wagento-image philwinkle-image niklaswolf-image neeta-wagento-image narendravyas24-image mzeis-image mrtuvn-image matthewhaworth-image marcneubauer-image marcin-piekarski-image mageprince-image kanhaiya5590-image jflanaganuk-image jaimin-ktpl-image gauravagarwal1001-image fooman-image edwinbos-image davidverholen-image camdixon-image bobmotor-image bobbyshaw-image bgkavinga-image artKozinets-image ankitsrivastavacedcoss-image andreas-ateles-image adrian-martinez-interactiv4-image Jordaneisenburger-image Jakhotiya-image DanielRuf-image shakyShane-image rossmc-image ronak2ram-image real34-image mtbottens-image mhhansen-image khoa-le-image jissereitsma-image gil---image blackpr-image atwixfirster-image abrarpathan19-image VitaliyBoyko-image LucasCalazans-image Igloczek-image rowan-m-image jahvi-image ennostuurman-image dani97-image brendanfalkowski-image yogeshsuhagiya-image vishal-7037-image lewisvoncken-image vdiachenko-image Serunde-image JStein92-image pcvonz-image codeAdrian-image AlexeyKaryka-image mage2pratik-image Starotitorov-image

realchriswells, prakashpatel07, pradeep-cedcoss, niklas-wolf, gavin2point0, MarynaVozniuk

For more information about contributing to this repository, see the Contribution guide.

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