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# This is the UPWARD specification file for the Venia storefront.
# It is used by an UPWARD server implementation, such as upward-js and
# upward-php, to describe how the server responds to requests.
# See:
# The root properties of an UPWARD spec file are part of a global context
# that includes request and environment data.
# These properties are available to other properties and are ultimately
# populated with Resolvers.
# The root 'status', 'headers', and 'body' properties are required properties
# in an UPWARD spec file.
# An UPWARD server uses the resolved values of these properties to create an
# HTTP response to the client.
# In this file, these properties get their values from a top-level
# 'response' object, which is a recommended and best practice approach.
status: veniaResponse.status
headers: veniaResponse.headers
body: veniaResponse.body
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