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PWA Studio Release 12.5.0

This changelog only contains release notes for PWA Studio and Venia 12.5.0.
For older release notes, see PWA Studio releases.


The 12.5.0 release of PWA Studio focuses on 2 areas:

  • A new eventing framework
  • Accessibility improvements


The main feature introduced in PWA Studio 12.5 is the eventing framework.

This framework lets developers write code that subscribes to event data published by the application.
This data can be sent to different analytics services, such as the Adobe Experience Platform.

The framework also provides an API that lets extension developers send out events in their own components.
A sample extension is included in this release to serve as a starting point or tutorial for developers.

This release also include the Experience Platform Connector, a PWA Studio extension that can be installed into a storefront project.
This extension leverages the eventing framework to collect and send data to the Adobe Experience Platform.

The core events published by the framework include:

  • Cart operations
  • Mini cart views
  • Page views
  • Product impressions and clicks
  • Search requests
  • User account actions


We have made numerous improvements around accessibility in the Venia template project. Most of these changes are around ensuring proper text and button contrast and ensuring that screen readers are getting proper information from the application.

Other highlights and fixes

  • We now ensure that custom controls provide accessible names and indicate their expanded or collapsed state. 鈥 3857
  • Screen readers are now informed when a new page view loads. 鈥 3858
  • Increased contrast on the custom blue focus indicator. 鈥 3858
  • Fixed gray text in Venia that did not have sufficient contrast. 鈥 3858
  • Visual indicators of state now provide a proper contrast ratio of at least 3:1 against the background color. 鈥 3857
  • Checkout payment buttons and text now have proper contrast ratios. 鈥 3857
  • The shopping cart button now properly reports its state to screen readers. 鈥 3858
  • Apollo links can now be customized by a `configureLinks` prop to `Adapter / useAdapter`. Apollo code has been extracted to its own module. 鈥 3842
  • Added dispatcher for search requests. 鈥 3844
  • Removed venia-adobe-data-layer extension as its functionality is incorporated into the Magento Storefront Events SDK. 鈥 3863
  • Fixed issue where focusing on an image in Venia would cause screen readers to say "Venia Venia". Now it only says it once. 鈥 3858
  • Fixed the Mega menu accidentally closing while accessing secondary menus. 鈥 3850

12.5.0 Lighthouse scores

With each new release of PWA Studio, we perform Lighthouse audits of four Venia page types, each representing a different level of complexity. Shown below are the Lighthouse scores for the 12.5.0 release of these pages on desktop and mobile devices.

Desktop scores

Home Page Product Category Product Details Search Results
Best Practices

Mobile scores

聽聽Home Page聽聽 Product Category Product Details Search Results
Best Practices
Type Description GitHub PR
Story Eventing Framework 3773
Story Track Mini Cart Views 3843
Story 5 Track Checkout 3870
Story Track user account actions 3855
Story [Issue] AC-2785::Custom dropdown controls lack appropriate name and state inf鈥 3857
Story [Group 2][Issue] AC-2482::Screen readers not informed when new page view loads. (patte鈥 3858
Story [Group 2][Issue] AC-2483::Contrast insufficient - custom blue focus indicator 3858
Story [Group 2][Issue] AC-2486::contrast insufficient - medium grey text (Search Results) 3858
Story [Issue] AC-2490::Contrast insufficient - product image selected state indicat鈥 3857
Story [Issue] AC-2496::Contrast insufficient - light grey text (Checkout - Payment) 3857
Story [Group 2][Issue] AC-2786::Shopping bag button does not programmatically communicate st鈥 3858
Story Experience Platform Connector extension 3885
Story [Issue] Make Apollo links customizable 3842
Story Track Page Views 3856
Story Track Search Requests 3844
Story Track Cart operations 3860
Story Deprecate / Remove the Venia Adobe Data Layer extension 3863
Story Reduce docker build context size 3845
Story Track product impressions and clicks 3859
Bug [Group 2][Issue] BUG#AC-2499::When focusing on 'Venia' image while using screen reader鈥 3858
Bug [bug]: Mega menu collapses when trying to select sub-category on 12.4 3850

Documentation updates

Upgrading from a previous version

Use the steps outlined in this section to update your scaffolded project from 12.4.0 to 12.5.0.
See Upgrading versions for more information about upgrading between PWA Studio versions.

Update dependencies

Open your package.json file and update the PWA Studio package dependencies to the versions associated with this release.
The following table lists the latest versions of each package as of 12.5.0.

Your project may not depend on some packages listed in this table.

Package Latest version
babel-preset-peregrine 1.2.1
create-pwa 2.3.1
experience-platform-connector 1.0.0
upward-security-headers 1.0.9
venia-sample-backends 0.0.8
venia-sample-eventing 0.0.1
venia-sample-language-packs 0.0.8
venia-sample-payments-checkmo 0.0.7
pagebuilder 7.4.0
peregrine 12.5.0
pwa-buildpack 11.4.0
pwa-theme-venia 1.4.0
upward-js 5.4.0
upward-spec 5.2.1
venia-concept 12.5.0
venia-ui 9.5.0
magento2-pwa 0.2.2
magento2-pwa-commerce 0.0.2
magento-venia-sample-data-modules 0.0.3
magento-venia-sample-data-modules-ee 0.0.2
magento2-upward-connector 2.0.1
upward-php 2.0.1