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Welcome to the PWA Studio community wiki!

The purpose of this wiki is to help you learn about, navigate, set up, and contribute to the PWA Studio project. If you are looking for developer documentation for the individual PWA Studio tools, you can find it in our [documentation site][].

Project directories

The pwa-studio repository is a monorepo that contains the following PWA Studio projects:

  • babel-preset-plugin - A Babel preset that lets you use peregrine components in your projects
  • create-pwa - A command line tool to quickly create a new PWA storefront
  • graphql-cli-validate-magento-pwa-queries - A command line tool that validates your project's queries with a Magento backend
  • peregrine - An eCommerce component library
  • pwa-buildpack - Tool and library for building and developing a Magento PWA theme
  • pwa-devdocs - The project source for the Magento PWA [documentation site][]
  • upward-js - A JavaScript server implementation for UPWARD
  • upward-spec - The specifications for an UPWARD configuration file
  • venia-concept - A reference and proof-of-concept Magento PWA theme built using PWA Studio
  • venia-styleguide - An application that creates a documentation site for the styles used in Venia
  • venia-ui - A UI component library used in the venia-concept storefront

Setup and installation

See Venia storefront to see the project in action.


The Roadmap page in this project lists the planned features and current focus for the PWA Studio core team.

Contribute to the project

The PWA Studio project is an open source project that welcomes contributors of all skill levels.

If are looking for a place to start, we encourage you to look at issues labeled [help wanted][] or [good first issue][].

See our [Contribution guide][] for the full details on our contribution process.

Contact us

Slack channel: #pwa

  • Office Hours Bi-weekly call - Cancelled
  • Community Meeting Every even week on Wednesday at 10AM CDT -- join
  • Public Calendar with meetings -- open
  • Add Public calendar to your Calendar App -- download


  1. devdocs site
  2. PWA Studio Venia Features
  3. contribution guide
  4. help wanted
  5. good first issue
  6. community backlog
  7. venia storefront setup