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In Progress

In 2021, we'll continue to focus on launching new Venia features and optimizing the existing Venia reference storefront to create compelling shopper experiences. The new feature development will most importantly focus on desktop experience (where Venia has previously prioritized a mobile-first approach). We'll continue the role out of the newly delivered extensibility framework, including additional documentation and tutorials. We'll also revisit previous Studio areas to ensure we are delivering the tools and frameworks necessary for best-in-class storefront management and operations.


In Progress (2H 2021)

  1. Storefront features
  • Add to cart on listing page
  • Product swatches on listing page
  • Custom product attributes
  • Customer segmentation and Dynamic Blocks (Commerce)
  • Staging preview for Venia
  • Magento default pages (Newsletter, About Us etc.)
  1. Performance optimizations
  • Reduced layout shift with shimmer layout for product details, product listing and home pages
  • Page Builder content (Banner and Slider) optimization
  • SEO and Best Practices Lighthouse Improvements
  1. Theming

Planning (1H 2022)

  1. Storefront features
  • Content Authoring
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Product with Custom Options
  • Static Bundle Product
  1. Performance optimizations
  • Integrated SSR馃馃徎
  • Integrated Performance Testing
  1. Developer Experience
  • PWA on Adobe I/O