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How to contribute Swahili Language pack

In this tutorial, I will show you how to contribute Swahili language pack

Step 1: Download

First of all, you should fork the repo. In the top-right corner of the page, click Fork. fork

Step 2: Update github_contributions.csv

Let's me explain the workflow:

  • It will automatically pull translated strings from Crowdin daily.

  • github_contributions.csv has been contributed by Mageplaza and Magento community.

  • We will merge github_contributions.csv with sw_KE.csv. Your Magento 2 store will use this csv file.

So, you should contribute to github_contributions.csv file.

How to edit file github_contributions.csv

The github_contributions.csv is saparated line by line, see:

"Create Order","Crear pedido",module,Magento_AdvancedCheckout
  • "Create Order": Original string
  • "Crear pedido": Translated string
  • module: declare module syntax
  • Magento_AdvancedCheckout: module scope (only translate in this module)

Fom the begining, github_contributions.csv is empty, you guys should add more translations into it.


  • You can copy any part of sw_KE.csv and paste to github_contributions.csv then translate it.
  • Please do not copy all lines in sw_KE.csv, we will not approve it in this case.

Step 3: Contribute

  • Now time to contribute, commit your work to this repo.
  • After committing, it will ask you to create a pull request, so please create a pull request, we will check and approve it.

You can install this language package via composer and other people can install / contribute this language pack.

Contact us if we miss your pull request(s).

Happy translating!

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