A community owned and driven, enterprise fork of Magento Community Edition 1.7.0
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A community owned and driven, enterprise fork of Magento Community Edition (1.7.0)

Mage+ was created for several reasons :

  1. in order to accelerate development of the Open Source Magento Community Edition project via increased collaboration with the open source community

  2. to provide a visible roadmap (with estimated release dates), which prefers bug fixes, stability and security over new or additional features

  3. to provide bug fixes in a timely fashion, releasing patches as soon as possible - rather than waiting for new features to complete before release

  4. to provide a simple and stable method to ensure that Magento CE users always have the most current, stable and bug free implementation - and eliminating painful upgrade processes

  5. to ensure that all data within the application maintains the highest degree of integrity, and can be a reliable and creditable source of truth

  6. to provide a viable LTS (Long Term Support) option to current Magento 1.x users who cannot or do not want to upgrade to Magento2

Mage+ has been created in order to help the Magento Open Source project to reach it's full potential by harnessing the input of anybody wishing to contribute. With this increased project velocity, Magento CE will become a more stable product, whilst at the same time creating a much greater engagment with the Magento community

Put simply, Mage+ aims to always be the most stable, secure and up to date version of Magento available.

Anybody may contribute to this repository. There are no agreements to sign, no forms to complete.

If you've identified an issue with Magento 1.7.0 (or Mage+ itself), please raise an issue here (https://github.com/mageplus/mageplus/issues). If you also have a fix for it, please make a pull request and contribute

Not sure how to make a pull request? read the guide here: http://help.github.com/send-pull-requests/

For those wishing to contribute, what we ask of you, is that you concentrate your efforts in the following areas :

  1. bug fixes
  2. correcting inconsistencies / incorrect behaviours eg. filtering methods aren't currently available in all collections, correcting (deprecating and replacing) function names, constants etc containing spelling errors
  3. adding unit tests
  4. improving documentation
  5. improving admin UI efficiency eg. adding pagination controls at bottom of grids (already done!)
  6. finding and fixing memory leaks and performance issues
  7. fixing mark up, JS, CSS errors in default themes / conversion to HTML5 / jQuery
  8. completion of language packs, translations and default transactional emails

You can view the project roadmap here : https://github.com/mageplus/mageplus/wiki/roadmap

If you're eager to show current or future employers or clients your Magento skillz, there's no better way than by solving real problems that are currently affecting tens of thousands of users. ALL changes/fixes/modifications made will be detailed in the project's RELEASE_NOTES.txt, along with credit to the contributor - so, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

PLEASE NOTE : all contributions made will be subject to the same OSL v3 license which Magento is licensed under

Hosting this project at Github (and more importantly, using git as a VCS), provides us with the ability to make use of the git forking and upstreaming functionality. What this means is that for your own Magento projects you can fork this repository, and by using the upstream update service, you can receive all of it's updates whenever you like (into your own repository) - ensuring that your Magento installation is always up to date, and as bug-free and stable as possible. No more upgrade hassles, no more risk associated with failed upgrades.

You can follow the tutorial here : http://help.github.com/fork-a-repo/ to learn about how to properly fork this repository. Remember, you can still use this repository as a "base" for private/commerical projects, simply make your forked repository private after forking. You'll still be able to receive upstream updates and contribute patches by sending pull requests, but your project won't be visible to the public

PLEASE NOTE : the upstream URL will always be git://github.com/mageplus/mageplus.git