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A community owned and driven, enterprise fork of Magento Community Edition (1.7.0)

Documentation & Support


  1. Accelerate development of the Open Source Magento Community Edition project via increased collaboration with the open source community.

  2. Provide a visible roadmap (with estimated release dates), which prefers bug fixes, stability and security over new or additional features.

  3. Provide bug fixes in a timely fashion, releasing patches as soon as possible - rather than waiting for new features to complete before release.

  4. Provide a simple and stable method to ensure that Magento CE users always have the most current, stable and bug free implementation - and eliminating painful upgrade processes.

  5. Ensure that all data within the application maintains the highest degree of integrity, and can be a reliable and creditable source of truth.

  6. Provide a viable LTS (Long Term Support) option to current Magento 1.x users who cannot or do not want to upgrade to Magento2.

Bugs Reports & Contributing

Feature Requests

Feature requests can be made by submitting an issue - feature requests will be labelled with the label “enhancement” and initially as “unconfirmed”. At this point the feature request will be reviewed and assigned to a (release) milestone - this is the release in which you can expect to see your feature. The issue relating to this feature will change status to “confirmed” as soon as work begins on it.

If you're a coder, you can also submit a pull request containing the feature you wish to contribute.

If you are going to submit a pull request, please read the contributing guide: github.com/mageplus/mageplus/wiki/contributing

Getting Started

Mage+ is currently designed to be installed and updated via GitHub. First of all, you should make a fork Mage+

If you intend for this project to be a live Magento installation, you should make the forked repository private after forking

Next, clone your repository to your local (development) machine :

$> git clone git://github.com/<your organization>/<your repository>.git


Upgrading Mage+ is simple, quick, and easy :

$> git remote add upstream git://github.com/mageplus/mageplus.git
$> git fetch upstream
$> git merge upstream/master

Next Steps

The best place to get documentation is at github.com/mageplus/mageplus/wiki/documentation

To view the demo of Mage+, checkout demo.mageplus.org

If you have any questions, please email the mailing list at groups.google.com/group/mageplus-users

Tools Being Used

Mage+ is built using many other open source projects:


Jenkins is a Continuous Integration server.


The PHP build system.


Copyright © 2012 Mage+. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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