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📦 Cross-platform CLI tool to interact with the MageRepo API
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MageRepo CLI Tool

Cross-platform CLI tool to interact with the MageRepo API


MageRepo provides a set of tools that enables anyone to download and install Magento releases and patches. These resources are accessible through a cross platform CLI tool, a RESTFUL API, and a GUI interface via our website at These diverse set of tools allow users of all types to access the complete Magento release archive.

Please read our article on our knowledge base for installations on how to install and use this CLI tool.

Getting Started

Install dependencies using your favorite node package manager:

# Using NPM
$ npm install
# Using yarn
$ yarn install

When developing, you can run the program by executing it from its entrypoint which is src/index.js.

$ node ./src/index.js

Compiling Binary

This project uses pkg to package our CLI tool to a binary. This tool compiles a binary for macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can package this tool by running the below command and the output can be found in the dist folder.

# Using NPM
$ npm run package
# Using yarn
$ yarn package


The user guide can be found here. The user guide goes through the installation process as well as explains all the features that comes with this tool. For further support, please email

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