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MAGFest IT Infrastructure

What do you want to do today?

Update Reggie Config

Try looking in the reggie_config directory!

Provision a Reggie Cloud Server for a New Event

Take a look at the salt cloud README!

Set Up a Reggie Development Environment

Follow the instructions in the reggie-formula repository.

SSH Access to MCP

SSH access to is controlled by our FreeIPA server at As of now, only users in the admins group are granted access to SSH authentication requires an SSH key, so you'll need to upload your SSH public key to

NOTE: The FreeIPA user interface is a little wonky when it comes to uploading SSH keys. After copy/pasting your key into the text field and clicking "Set", it looks like the key has been uploaded, but you must still click the "Save" button at the top of the screen. YOUR KEY WILL NOT BE UPLOADED UNTIL YOU CLICK "SAVE" AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN.

Run Salt Commands On MCP

Try the Salt Master README!