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Boy and Tiger

By Maggie Chen, Cameron Couch, Derek Dai, and Gary Kang

Most Powerful Computer Comic Strip Calvin and Hobbes is a daily comic strip by Bill Watterson that was syndicated from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995.

This project aims to make the Calvin and Hobbes archives more explorable through search, filter, and tags. This project is not affiliated with Bill Watterson or Calvin and Hobbes.


Growing up, the Calvin and Hobbes treasury collections were some of our most prized possessions. There are some great newspaper comic strips (Peanuts, Foxtrot, Pearls Before Swine), but Calvin and Hobbes stands out for its imagination and adventure. These collections were packed to the brim with stories that pushed the limits of comics. The panel layouts were innovative, the tone could shift wildly for Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, or Tracer Bullet, and cardboard boxes became time machines, transmogrifiers, and duplicators.

This project aims to be the best treasury of Calvin and Hobbes yet.


"Calvin and Hobbes was designed as a comic strip and I’ve found nothing that presents my comic strip as well as newspapers and books." -Bill Watterson

We agree with this sentiment. There's something special about paper and ink.

However, it's been two and a half decades since Calvin and Hobbes ended. We want to see what a comic strip treasury would be like on the Internet, and be accessible to the masses. It could offer several ways to explore the series.

Some Presentation Guidelines:

  • Focus on the comic strip first and foremost.
  • Fast. Comics should render very quickly. There should be no bloat.
  • UI has to be intuitive. If you're browsing, searching, or sharing Calvin and Hobbes, it'll be easy to figure out how to do so.



Bill Watterson never compromised on his artistic vision. Calvin and Hobbes can only be sold through newspapers, books, and calendars. It’s admirable how stubborn he is about controlling his work.

This project is not commercial in any fashion. It's built by a very sincere fan who wants to share "treasure everywhere".

There's Treasure Everywhere

There will be links to buy the books (the best way to read Calvin and Hobbes) and also navigate to GoComics.

There are currently several projects not affiliated with Bill Watterson that explore the Calvin and Hobbes archives: If Bill Watterson has any issues with this project, it will be taken down immediately.

Stretch Goals

Waiting for Inspiration Comic Strip

Anyway, ...Let's go exploring!

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