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  • Description:

    The entangled abstract domain is built upon previous pyana project using Z3 Racket binding to prove list in bound for demonstration.

    There're two implementations routes, both are implemented in the way as the paper described:

    • Concolic relational abstract domain (Conlic RAD): The main idea is to use concrete values validated by abstract interpretation (AI) This implementation has passed all the test cases.

    • The entangled abstract domain (entangled RAD): This one aims to use uninterpreted array to model list. Propositions are also managed and validated by AI. In addition, it uses per-state assumption base. Due to the imprecision of the premiere analysis model(CESK* machine), widening is applied here to speed up reaching fix-point. However, it still takes moments to verify challenging examples. eg.

  • Related files:

    • The concolic RAD:

      • pycesk3-smt-summarize.rkt
      • pycesk3-smt.rkt
      • utils_cesk3_smt.rkt
      • folder sv_tests-conc-res includes the sample output files (z3 files and verified results)
    • The entangled RAD: src: in the smt-list-bound folder sample output files: smt-list-bound/sv-tests-part-res

    • The python test source file: sv_test/test_pyfiles sv_test/. IR files generated from the pipelines of the compiler.

    • Other framework files can be ignored.

  • How to run:

    • Environments:
      • Racket 5.2.1
      • z3.rkt requires Z3 4.0, which you can download for your platform from the Microsoft Research site. We work on Windows, Mac and Linux. You need to copy or create a symlink to z3.dll, or libz3.dylib in this directory.
  • For simplicity, you don't have to generate IR files from the test python files. They have been generated for you.

    You can go into pyana folder: make pycesk - to compile the concolic RAD make verify-conc-tests - to run the test files

    go to smt-list-bound folder: make pycesk - compile the entangled RAD make verify-part-tests - to run the test files.

  • If you want to test your own python source files:

    go to pyana directory:

    make compile - to compile all including lexer, parser, translator, desugar, anormalizer and the relational analysis. sh ./ your/python/file 0 4 - to generate the anormalized IR ./pycesk3-smt-summarize-rkt the/generated/anormalized-file


    ./pycesk3-summarize-smt /the/generated/anormalized-file

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