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Magic Fields 2.0
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Magic Fields

  • Authors: Edgar Garcia, David Valdez
  • Tested up to: Wordpress 4.0
  • Requires at least: 3.1
  • Stable tag: 2.3
  • Description: Magic Fields 2 is a feature rich Wordpress CMS plugin
  • License: GPLv2


Magic Fields 2 is a WordPress CMS plugin which is focused on improving the way how custom fields, post types and custom taxonomies are created in Wordpress.

There are 15 pre-built custom fields in Magic Fields:

  • Audio field
  • Checkbox field
  • Checkbox list field
  • Color picker field
  • Datepicker field
  • Dropdown field
  • File field
  • Image field
  • Image media field
  • Markdown editor field
  • Multiline editor field
  • Radiobutton list field
  • Related type field
  • Slider field
  • Textbox field

NOTE: Magic Fields 2 IS NOT backward compatible with MF1


Follow these steps to install MF2:

  1. Download the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate MF2



  • Fix #232 mf_register.php Warning on line 40
  • Add support for menu-icon for post type (Dashicons)
  • Update validate plugin (the previous version caused conflict in parts of WP)
  • Fixed for wp_load_image (deprecated funtion) in mf_front-end
  • Little fixes in menu post types

  • fix problem with editor, featured image and more
  • fix problem in delete item of custom post type

  • fix problem with editor, featured image and more
  • fix problem in delete item of custom post type


  • add static to public functions


  • Replace all .live for .on (jquery)
  • Fix issue #184 invalid html
  • Fix export import error see this page
  • Now in the term field appear also the new terms
  • Fix issue #176 Selectable variable name for a better workflow
  • Fix issue #165 If we set the post type as not public it disappears and can no longer edit it.
  • Fix issue #170 Error is not found posts ($post->ID)
  • Preparing for translations
  • Update markdownPReview, clean javascript data
  • Fix issue #170 JavaScript object 'wp' is not present on a lot of pages
  • Fix for 'Uncaught ReferenceError: wp is not defined'
  • The text in confirm-dialogs when deleting an image, image-media, file
  • Labels 'Add Another' and 'Remove' in duplicatable groups and fields
  • Add new wp 3.5 media gallery (thanks alexandergryth)
  • Fixed for wp_load_image (deprecated funtion)
  • Fix for Notice: Undefined index: post_type
  • Fix for Undefined index div_class in checkbox quantity
  • Fix max-height in options panel in post type and taxonomies
  • Updating ui.datepicker.js to 1.8.24
  • Adding backward compatibility the media upload
  • Fix problem con new media upload of WP 3.5
  • Add index in mf_post_meta for upgardes and fix in name field of index
  • Fix in color picker for duplicate action
  • Compacting color picker
  • Fix issue #137 Quotes is breaking the text on textbox field
  • Fix issue #153 Extremely slow queries to wp_X_mf_post_meta
  • Fix issue #142 Custom post type image does not display thumbnail image in admin



  • First release

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