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admin fix problem with array_walk_recursive Sep 27, 2016
field_types add check_ajax_referer in upload image alternative Aug 3, 2016
images Ads 32x32 icon, fixes plural label suggestion Feb 20, 2012
js add nonce in all wp ajax calls Aug 3, 2016
languages fixes for localization Oct 1, 2015
.gitignore add gitignore Feb 27, 2011
.htaccess add nonce in forms, thanks Burak Kelebek for the report Aug 2, 2016
LICENSE Fix #85, modify readme Mar 2, 2012
README initi Feb 27, 2011
main.php tagging v2.3.3 Aug 4, 2016
mf_common.php page template for content types close #111 Jul 7, 2012
mf_constants.php add index in mf_post_meta for upgardes and fix in name field of index… Dec 9, 2012
mf_extra.php fix problem with featured image (previous commit) and add debug log Jul 29, 2014
mf_front_end.php fix problem with upload files and problem with get_image Jan 16, 2016
mf_install.php fix warnigs in activate plugin. add future image field Sep 29, 2015
mf_register.php little fixes in menu post types Sep 4, 2014
readme.txt tagging v2.3.3 Aug 4, 2016


Magic Fields

  • Authors: Edgar Garcia
  • Tested up to: Wordpress 4.2.2
  • Requires at least: 3.1
  • Stable tag: 2.3.3
  • Description: Magic Fields 2 is a feature rich Wordpress CMS plugin
  • License: GPLv2


Please consider a donation, I spend part of my free time programming in Magic Fields. Help this proyect


Magic Fields 2 is a WordPress CMS plugin which is focused on improving the way how custom fields, post types and custom taxonomies are created in Wordpress.

There are 15 pre-built custom fields in Magic Fields:

  • Audio field
  • Checkbox field
  • Checkbox list field
  • Color picker field
  • Datepicker field
  • Dropdown field
  • File field
  • Image field
  • Image media field
  • Markdown editor field
  • Multiline editor field
  • Radiobutton list field
  • Related type field
  • Slider field
  • Textbox field

NOTE: Magic Fields 2 IS NOT backward compatible with MF1


Follow these steps to install MF2:

  1. Download the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate MF2



  • nonce was added in forms, thanks Burak Kelebek for the report
  • In import post type change wp_verify_nonce for check_admin_referer
  • check_ajax_referer was added in upload image alternative
  • Export Post Type now is json file :-)
  • JSON_PRETTY_PRINT was added in export post type
  • nonce was added all wp ajax calls

  • fix problem with upload file field
  • fix problem with get_image and gen_image, sorry

  • Patch for mf_upload.php (sanitize input), thanks @robre

  • better way of handle error in image thumbnails
  • fix problem of maxlength in textbox
  • fixes for localization

  • Change text domain for localization ( )
  • minor fixes in css


  • fix in get data for image media (now use admin-ajax.php for request) , some server has aditional security for wp-content
  • fix warnigs in activate plugin
  • remove console.log, sorry


  • add verification in dispacher, add wpdb->prepare
  • add improvements and testing for WP 4.2.2


  • Fix #232 mf_register.php Warning on line 40
  • Add support for menu-icon for post type (Dashicons)
  • Update validate plugin (the previous version caused conflict in parts of WP)
  • Fixed for wp_load_image (deprecated funtion) in mf_front-end
  • Little fixes in menu post types

  • fix problem with editor, featured image and more
  • fix problem in delete item of custom post type

  • fix problem with editor, featured image and more
  • fix problem in delete item of custom post type


  • add static to public functions


  • Replace all .live for .on (jquery)
  • Fix issue #184 invalid html
  • Fix export import error see this page
  • Now in the term field appear also the new terms
  • Fix issue #176 Selectable variable name for a better workflow
  • Fix issue #165 If we set the post type as not public it disappears and can no longer edit it.
  • Fix issue #170 Error is not found posts ($post->ID)
  • Preparing for translations
  • Update markdownPReview, clean javascript data
  • Fix issue #170 JavaScript object 'wp' is not present on a lot of pages
  • Fix for 'Uncaught ReferenceError: wp is not defined'
  • The text in confirm-dialogs when deleting an image, image-media, file
  • Labels 'Add Another' and 'Remove' in duplicatable groups and fields
  • Add new wp 3.5 media gallery (thanks alexandergryth)
  • Fixed for wp_load_image (deprecated funtion)
  • Fix for Notice: Undefined index: post_type
  • Fix for Undefined index div_class in checkbox quantity
  • Fix max-height in options panel in post type and taxonomies
  • Updating ui.datepicker.js to 1.8.24
  • Adding backward compatibility the media upload
  • Fix problem con new media upload of WP 3.5
  • Add index in mf_post_meta for upgardes and fix in name field of index
  • Fix in color picker for duplicate action
  • Compacting color picker
  • Fix issue #137 Quotes is breaking the text on textbox field
  • Fix issue #153 Extremely slow queries to wp_X_mf_post_meta
  • Fix issue #142 Custom post type image does not display thumbnail image in admin



  • First release

Thanks To: