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# adapted from
# we tell Tox to use "twisted[windows]", to get pypiwin32 installed
#TWISTED_EXTRAS: "[windows]"
# that didn't work (it seems to work when I run it locally, but on appveyor
# it fails to install the pypiwin32 package). So don't bother telling
# Twisted to support windows: just install it ourselves.
# EXTRA_DEPENDENCY: "pypiwin32"
# For Python versions available on Appveyor, see
- PYTHON: "C:\\Python37-x64"
TOXENV: py37
- PYTHON: "C:\\Python37-x64"
# appveyor does not yet install python-3.7
- |
%PYTHON%\python.exe -m pip install wheel tox
# note:
# %PYTHON% has: python.exe
# %PYTHON%\Scripts has: pip.exe, tox.exe (and others installed by bare pip)
build: off
# Put your test command here.
# Note that you must use the environment variable %PYTHON% to refer to
# the interpreter you're using - Appveyor does not do anything special
# to put the Python version you want to use on PATH.
- |
misc\windows-build.cmd %PYTHON%\Scripts\tox.exe
# This step builds your wheels.
# Again, you only need build.cmd if you're building C extensions for
# 64-bit Python 3.3/3.4. And you need to use %PYTHON% to get the correct
# interpreter
- |
misc\windows-build.cmd %PYTHON%\python.exe bdist_wheel
# bdist_wheel puts your built wheel in the dist directory
- path: dist\*
# You can use this step to upload your artifacts to a public website.
# See Appveyor's documentation for more details. Or you can simply
# access your wheels from the Appveyor "artifacts" tab for your build.