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This AIR Native Extension uses .NET to transcode BitmapData objects into .bmp, .jpg, and .png formats much faster than existing ActionScript or Alchemy methods.


  • FREImageProcessor - A Visual C++ 2010 Express project which contains the native code.
  • ImageProcessor - A Flash Builder Library project for exposing an API to the native code in ActionScript.
  • ImageProcessorTest - A sample Flash Builder project which uses the extension to encode an image.
  • Batch files, so you don't have to use the command line.
  • All intermediate files, so you don't have to compile everything yourself.


  • Visual C++ 2010 Express
  • AIR 3 SDK from Adobe Labs
  • Flash Builder 4

The project contains some placeholder files that I cannot include in the repository because they are copyrighted by Adobe. After checking out the project, you need to:

  • Replace FREImageProcessor/FREImageProcessor/FlashRuntimeExtensions.h with AIR_SDK/include/FlashRuntimeExtensions.h
  • Replace FREImageProcessor/FREImageProcessor/FlashRuntimeExtensions.lib with AIR_SDK/lib/win/FlashRuntimeExtensions.lib

Now that everything is setup, you can try compiling everything yourself.

  1. Open FREImageProcessor/FREImageProcessor.sln in Visual C++ 2010
  2. Build the .dll (F7)
  3. Import ImageProcessor into Flash Builder
  4. Build the .swc (Ctrl + B)
  5. Open the .swc with a .zip editor, and extract library.swf to the same folder as the .swc
  6. Build the .ane (run ImageProcessor/bin/package.bat)
  7. Import ImageProcessorTest into Flash Builder
  8. Build the .swf (Ctrl + B)
  9. Build the .exe (run ImageProcessorTest/bin-debug/package.bat)
  10. If everything was successful, you can run the .exe and click the stage to encode a JPEG. It will be saved to C:\temp.jpg.