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// MagicalRecord+Options.h
// Magical Record
// Created by Saul Mora on 3/6/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Magical Panda Software LLC. All rights reserved.
#import "MagicalRecord.h"
@interface MagicalRecord (Options)
//global options
// enable/disable logging
// add logging provider
// autocreate new PSC per Store
// autoassign new instances to default store
+ (BOOL) shouldAutoCreateManagedObjectModel;
+ (void) setShouldAutoCreateManagedObjectModel:(BOOL)shouldAutoCreate;
+ (BOOL) shouldAutoCreateDefaultPersistentStoreCoordinator;
+ (void) setShouldAutoCreateDefaultPersistentStoreCoordinator:(BOOL)shouldAutoCreate;
+ (void) setShouldDeleteStoreOnModelMismatch:(BOOL)shouldDeleteStoreOnModelMismatch;
@method shouldDeleteStoreOnModelMistmatch
@abstract If true, when configuring the persistant store coordinator, and Magical Record encounters a store that does not match the model, it will attempt to remove it and re-create a new store.
This is extremely useful during development where every model change could potentially require a delete/reinstall of the app.
+ (BOOL) shouldDeleteStoreOnModelMismatch;
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