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Update changelog for v2.3.1 and v2.3.2

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# Changelog
## Version 2.3.2
This release fixes an issue where the OS X framework was being built with instrumentation data, and included in the binary builds posted to GitHub. It contains no other fixes over MagicalRecord v2.3.1.
## Version 2.3.1
- CocoaPods users who want to use:
- Shorthand method aliases should add `pod 'MagicalRecord/ShorthandMethodAliases'` to their Podfile, and run `pod update`
- CocoaLumberjack should add `pod 'MagicalRecord/CocoaLumberjack'` to their Podfile, and run `pod update`
- Fixed a Core Data multithreading violation when setting a context's working name
- Fixed the check for whether `NSPersistentStoreUbiquitousContentNameKey` is valid when using iCloud containers
- Attempting to delete a `nil` managed object, or a managed object not present in the context will do nothing (previously it crashed)
- Add a fix for CocoaLumberjack reporting duplicate definitions of LOG_MAYBE
- Added error logging when the passed value for `relatedByAttribute` is invalid during a relationship import
- Added more lightweight generics and nullability annotations
## Version 2.3
* Dynamic framework targets are provided for both OS X 10.8+ and iOS 8.0+
* Logging is enabled by default, change the logging level using `+[MagicalRecord setLoggingLevel: MagicalRecordLogLevelOff];` — [see the documentation in the wiki](

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