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Doc Find excluding subentities

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@@ -133,6 +133,32 @@ peopleRequest.propertiesToFetch = ["FirstName", "LastName"]
let people = Person.mr_executeFetchRequest(peopleRequest)

#### Find excluding subentities

To fetch all sorted, excluding subentities:

// Objective-C
NSFetchRequest *peopleRequest = [Person MR_requestAllSortedBy:@"LastName" ascending:YES withPredicate:nil];
NSFetchedResultsController *controller = [Person MR_fetchController:peopleRequest delegate:nil useFileCache:NO groupedBy:nil inContext:[NSManagedObjectContext MR_defaultContext]];
controller.fetchRequest.includesSubentities = NO;
[Person MR_performFetch:controller];
NSArray *people = controller.fetchedObjects;

// Swift
let peopleRequest = Person.mr_requestAllSorted(by: "LastName", ascending: true, with: nil)
let controller = Person.mr_fetchController(peopleRequest, delegate: nil, useFileCache: false, groupedBy: nil, in: NSManagedObjectContext.mr_default())
controller.fetchRequest.includesSubentities = false
let people = controller.fetchedObjects

Note: `MR_defaultContext`/`mr_default()` is for main thread. See `` for other contexts.

#### Find the number of entities

You can also perform a count of all entities of a specific type in your persistent store:

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