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Adding test for Sigmapoint-null-relationship

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Coeur committed Jun 22, 2019
1 parent ad79e25 commit 983c0d4c7a1ab33176917fca8096122c60bc45da
@@ -40,4 +40,23 @@ - (void)testImportData

- (void)testImportNilData
SingleEntityRelatedToManyMappedEntitiesUsingMappedPrimaryKey *entity = [[self testEntityClass] MR_importFromObject:self.testEntityData inContext:[NSManagedObjectContext MR_defaultContext]];

XCTAssertNotNil(entity, @"Entity should not be nil");

[entity.managedObjectContext performBlockAndWait:^{
// testing that importing nothing will not change the relationship
[entity MR_importValuesForKeysWithObject:@{}];
NSUInteger mappedEntitiesCount = entity.mappedEntities.count;
XCTAssertEqual(mappedEntitiesCount, (NSUInteger)4, @"Expected 4 mapped entities, received %zd", mappedEntitiesCount);

// testing that importing `null` will nullify the relationship
[entity MR_importValuesForKeysWithObject:@{@"mappedEntities":[NSNull null]}];
mappedEntitiesCount = entity.mappedEntities.count;
XCTAssertEqual(mappedEntitiesCount, (NSUInteger)0, @"Expected 0 mapped entities, received %zd", mappedEntitiesCount);


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