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I use cocoapods to install MagicalRecord, but wen I add "CoreData+MagicalRecord.h" to my pch file,
xcode show compiling error that complain : file not found.
even adding the actual path to user header path can not help.


I hit this as well. Turns out specifying

dependency 'MagicalRecord'

In the Podfile isn't enough, because that points to a 1.7 version of magical record that doesn't seem to download.

As a workaround, you can do:

dependency 'MagicalRecord', :git => 'https://github.com/magicalpanda/MagicalRecord.git'

Which works just fine. My guess is the podspec needs to be updated on the CocoaPods side?


@patr1ck It not work in my project... what a shame... even i put the path of "CoreData+MagicalRecord.h" in the user search path!

Maybe I should manage the context by myself. thanks for your help all the time.

@tonyarnold tonyarnold was assigned Dec 14, 2012

Is this still an issue guys? I don't think anyone on the team uses CocoaPods, so we wouldn't have seen any issues with the pod spec.

@dflems dflems referenced this issue in CocoaPods/Specs Dec 17, 2012

Fix MagicalRecord 1.8.3 installation issues #898


I've patched the podspecs in CocoaPods/Specs that had this issue (1.7.1 and 1.8.3). The pods are installing fine now. You're probably safe to close out this issue @tonyarnold


Excellent, thanks @dflems!

@tonyarnold tonyarnold closed this Dec 18, 2012
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