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No KVO notification received using block saving methods #196

robreuss opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Rob Reuss Magical Panda Software Stephen Vanterpool Saul Mora Tony Arnold
Rob Reuss

I've registered to receive notifications for objects that are being saved using saveInBackgroundWithBlock and do not receive the notifications. I've tried it as well with saveWithBlock and do not receive notifications with that method either.

If I do the updates using the default context or contextForCurrentThread, along with MR_save, the notification are received perfectly, so I know that I am properly registered to receive them.

Magical Panda Software
Rob Reuss

Thanks for responding Saul.

To be clear, the changes written with saveInBackgroundWithBlock do show up in the persistent store.

The object I'm registering as an observer of is obtained from an NSFetchedResultsController initialized on the MR_defaultContext. How do I ensure that changes made using saveWithBlock and saveInBackgroundWithBlock merge into the default context?

Stephen Vanterpool

Which notifications are you listening for?

Saul Mora

Has this been resolved?

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