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Importing Data #532

emadd opened this Issue · 40 comments

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I'm getting a strange error (EXC_BAD_ACCESS by CFStringGetLength within NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord)MR_executeFetchRequest:inContext:) I can't make sense of when attempting to import data from a JSON file...

NSManagedObjectContext *opContext = [NSManagedObjectContext MR_contextForCurrentThread];

    NSString *jsonPath = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"DefaultData"
    NSData *data = [NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:jsonPath];

    NSError *parseError;
    NSDictionary *json = [NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:data options:kNilOptions error:&parseError];

    NSArray *dataTypes = [json objectForKey:@"dataTypes"];

    [MagicalRecord saveWithBlockAndWait:^(NSManagedObjectContext *localContext) {
        for (NSDictionary *obj in dataTypes) {
            DLog(@"%@", obj);
            [BTDataType MR_importFromObject:obj inContext:localContext];

    NSError *saveError;
    [opContext save:&saveError];

The entity is very simple, just two properties: importKey (int16) and name (String)...

The JSON is like...

"name":"DataType A"
"name":"DataType B"
"name":"DataType C"
"name":"DataType D"


I'm having this same issue. I have tried both 2.1 and 2.2 on both iOS 6 and iOS 7. Anyway to get around it? I have tried both importFromArray and importFromObject.


Looking at the fork logs, it seems a fix may be in the repo, instead of obtaining a release just checkout the root for develop. I will test this to confirm.


nvm, still having the issue. My code is.

ApiClient *client = [ApiClient sharedInstance];

    NSDictionary *dataDictionary = [[NSDictionary alloc] initWithObjects:@[searchString] forKeys:@[@"companyName"]];
    NSError *error;
    NSData *jsonData = [NSJSONSerialization dataWithJSONObject:dataDictionary options:0 error:&error];
    NSString *jsonString = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:jsonData encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

    NSString *token = [[[UserManager sharedInstance] getAuthenticationObject] authenticationToken];

    NSMutableDictionary *params = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] initWithObjects:@[@"json", token, jsonString ]
                                                                       forKeys:@[@"callType", @"token", @"data"]];

    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible:YES];
    [client getPath:@"GetClientInterfaces/" parameters:params success:^(AFHTTPRequestOperation *operation, id responseObject) {
        [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible:NO];
        NSLog(@"Operation: %@", operation);
        NSLog(@"Response: %@", responseObject);
        NSLog(@"Type: %@", [[responseObject valueForKeyPath:@"details.items"] class]);
        NSLog(@"First: %@", [[responseObject valueForKeyPath:@"details.items"] firstObject]);
        NSArray *providerResults = [responseObject valueForKeyPath:@"details.items"];
        NSLog(@"Results: %@", providerResults);
        __block NSArray *array;
        [MagicalRecord saveWithBlockAndWait:^(NSManagedObjectContext *localContext) {
            array = [ProviderSearchResults MR_importFromArray:providerResults];
            NSLog(@"Array1: %@", array);
        NSLog(@"Array: %@", array);
    } failure:^(AFHTTPRequestOperation *operation, NSError *error) {
        [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible:NO];
        NSLog(@"Operation: %@", operation);
        NSLog(@"Error: %@", error);

I have even tried doing a for loop and adding them as objects.


@casademora I looked at that page and followed it yet I am still having the issue.


@casademora I don't have mapping since my core data matches my keys. Per your article it said if your data matches then read no further.

    details =     {
        items =         (
                address1 = "";
                clientId = 1;
                companyName = "Test";
                id = 123;
                nameLink = test;
                address1 = "123 St.";
                clientId = 2;
                companyName = "Test 2";
                id = 124;
                nameLink = test2;


@interface ProviderSearchResults : NSManagedObject

@property (nonatomic, retain) NSNumber * id;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * companyName;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * nameLink;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString * address1;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSNumber * clientId;


I know it isn't good practice but I have used id before when it refers to core data. Also yes, the entity has these as I generated the managed object class from the entity via Xcode CreateManagedObjectClass Generator.


This is the crash log from Crashlytics. It is just an assembly error through Xcode.

0NSManagedObjectContext Queue Crashed
0    CoreFoundation      CFStringGetLength + 18
1    CoreFoundation  CFStringFind + 18
2    CoreData    -[NSFunctionExpression(_NSCoreDataSQLPredicateCategories) _mapKVCOperatorsToFunctionsInContext:] + 158
3    CoreData    -[NSFunctionExpression(_NSCoreDataSQLPredicateCategories) minimalFormInContext:] + 684
4    CoreData    -[NSComparisonPredicate(_NSCoreDataSQLPredicateCategories) minimalFormInContext:] + 64
5    CoreData    -[NSSQLGenerator predicateForFetchRequestInContext:] + 781
6    CoreData    -[NSSQLGenerator initializeContextForFetchRequest:ignoreInheritance:nestingLevel:] + 603
7    CoreData    -[NSSQLGenerator newSQLStatementForFetchRequest:ignoreInheritance:countOnly:nestingLevel:] + 58
8    CoreData    -[NSSQLAdapter _newSelectStatementWithFetchRequest:ignoreInheritance:] + 472
9    CoreData    -[NSSQLAdapter newSelectStatementWithFetchRequest:] + 48
10   CoreData    -[NSSQLCore newRowsForFetchPlan:] + 129
11   CoreData    -[NSSQLCore objectsForFetchRequest:inContext:] + 701
12   CoreData    -[NSSQLCore executeRequest:withContext:error:] + 383
13   CoreData    -[NSPersistentStoreCoordinator executeRequest:withContext:error:] + 4466
14   CoreData    -[NSManagedObjectContext executeFetchRequest:error:] + 566
15   CoreData    -[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) _parentObjectsForFetchRequest:inContext:error:] + 502
16   CoreData    __82-[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) executeRequest:withContext:error:]_block_invoke + 676
17   CoreData    internalBlockToNSManagedObjectContextPerform + 17
18 ...   libdispatch.dylib   _dispatch_client_callout + 14
20   libdispatch.dylib   dispatch_barrier_sync_f + 87
21   CoreData    _perform + 114
22   CoreData    -[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) executeRequest:withContext:error:] + 238
23   CoreData    -[NSManagedObjectContext executeFetchRequest:error:] + 566
24   CoreData    -[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) _parentObjectsForFetchRequest:inContext:error:] + 502
25   CoreData    __82-[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) executeRequest:withContext:error:]_block_invoke + 676
26   CoreData    internalBlockToNSManagedObjectContextPerform + 17
27 ...   libdispatch.dylib   _dispatch_barrier_sync_f_slow_invoke + 71
36   UIKit   UIApplicationMain + 1225
37   Customer View  
main.m line 16
38   libdyld.dylib   start

In Xcode the debug on the left shows

#0  0x01d3d222 in CFStringGetLength ()
#1  0x01d53302 in CFStringFind ()
#2  0x013ce4ee in -[NSFunctionExpression(_NSCoreDataSQLPredicateCategories) _mapKVCOperatorsToFunctionsInContext:] ()
#3  0x013ce22c in -[NSFunctionExpression(_NSCoreDataSQLPredicateCategories) minimalFormInContext:] ()
#4  0x013cdb90 in -[NSComparisonPredicate(_NSCoreDataSQLPredicateCategories) minimalFormInContext:] ()
#5  0x013cd2cd in -[NSSQLGenerator predicateForFetchRequestInContext:] ()
#6  0x013ccb8b in -[NSSQLGenerator initializeContextForFetchRequest:ignoreInheritance:nestingLevel:] ()
#7  0x013cc44a in -[NSSQLGenerator newSQLStatementForFetchRequest:ignoreInheritance:countOnly:nestingLevel:] ()
#8  0x013cc2b8 in -[NSSQLAdapter _newSelectStatementWithFetchRequest:ignoreInheritance:] ()
#9  0x013cc0d0 in -[NSSQLAdapter newSelectStatementWithFetchRequest:] ()
#10 0x013cbe91 in -[NSSQLCore newRowsForFetchPlan:] ()
#11 0x013cb61d in -[NSSQLCore objectsForFetchRequest:inContext:] ()
#12 0x013cb0cf in -[NSSQLCore executeRequest:withContext:error:] ()
#13 0x013caaf2 in -[NSPersistentStoreCoordinator executeRequest:withContext:error:] ()
#14 0x013c8256 in -[NSManagedObjectContext executeFetchRequest:error:] ()
#15 0x0141cdc6 in -[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) _parentObjectsForFetchRequest:inContext:error:] ()
#16 0x0149a814 in __82-[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) executeRequest:withContext:error:]_block_invoke ()
#17 0x0141cbc1 in internalBlockToNSManagedObjectContextPerform ()
#18 0x021674b0 in _dispatch_client_callout ()
#19 0x021547e5 in _dispatch_barrier_sync_f_invoke ()
#20 0x02154423 in dispatch_barrier_sync_f ()
#21 0x0141cb42 in _perform ()
#22 0x0141c9ee in -[NSManagedObjectContext(_NestedContextSupport) executeRequest:withContext:error:] ()
#23 0x013c8256 in -[NSManagedObjectContext executeFetchRequest:error:] ()
#24 0x000084f0 in __67+[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord) MR_executeFetchRequest:inContext:]_block_invoke at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalRecord.m:33
#25 0x0141c88f in developerSubmittedBlockToNSManagedObjectContextPerform ()
#26 0x0141c7cc in -[NSManagedObjectContext performBlockAndWait:] ()
#27 0x000082c1 in +[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord) MR_executeFetchRequest:inContext:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalRecord.m:29
#28 0x00008834 in +[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord) MR_executeFetchRequestAndReturnFirstObject:inContext:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalRecord.m:53
#29 0x00013bd3 in +[NSManagedObject(MagicalFinders) MR_findFirstByAttribute:withValue:inContext:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalFinders.m:94
#30 0x0001ef83 in +[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord_DataImport) MR_importFromObject:inContext:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalDataImport.m:251
#31 0x0001f4b9 in __74+[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord_DataImport) MR_importFromArray:inContext:]_block_invoke at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalDataImport.m:280
#32 0x01db6edb in __NSArrayEnumerate ()
#33 0x01db6a86 in -[NSArray enumerateObjectsWithOptions:usingBlock:] ()
#34 0x01db6995 in -[NSArray enumerateObjectsUsingBlock:] ()
#35 0x0001f375 in +[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord_DataImport) MR_importFromArray:inContext:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalDataImport.m:276
#36 0x0001f21b in +[NSManagedObject(MagicalRecord_DataImport) MR_importFromArray:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Categories/NSManagedObject/NSManagedObject+MagicalDataImport.m:269
#37 0x0000c1de in __52+[ProviderSearch searchForProvidersByName:forTable:]_block_invoke55 at /Customer View/ProviderSearch.m:41
#38 0x00019c62 in __47+[MagicalRecord(Actions) saveWithBlockAndWait:]_block_invoke at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Core/MagicalRecord+Actions.m:58
#39 0x0141c88f in developerSubmittedBlockToNSManagedObjectContextPerform ()
#40 0x021674b0 in _dispatch_client_callout ()
#41 0x021547e5 in _dispatch_barrier_sync_f_invoke ()
#42 0x02154423 in dispatch_barrier_sync_f ()
#43 0x0141c7bf in -[NSManagedObjectContext performBlockAndWait:] ()
#44 0x00019b92 in +[MagicalRecord(Actions) saveWithBlockAndWait:] at /Customer View/MagicalRecord/Core/MagicalRecord+Actions.m:56
#45 0x0000bfb7 in __52+[ProviderSearch searchForProvidersByName:forTable:]_block_invoke at /Customer View/ProviderSearch.m:40
#46 0x00091acb in __64-[AFJSONRequestOperation setCompletionBlockWithSuccess:failure:]_block_invoke91 at /Pods/AFNetworking/AFNetworking/AFJSONRequestOperation.m:140
#47 0x02152828 in _dispatch_call_block_and_release ()
#48 0x021674b0 in _dispatch_client_callout ()
#49 0x02155752 in _dispatch_main_queue_callback_4CF ()
#51 0x01d62ffb in __CFRunLoopRun ()
#52 0x01d62403 in CFRunLoopRunSpecific ()
#53 0x01d6221b in CFRunLoopRunInMode ()
#54 0x039cda37 in GSEventRunModal ()
#55 0x039cd85e in GSEventRun ()
#56 0x0056b6bb in UIApplicationMain ()
#57 0x0002dd9d in main at /Customer View/main.m:16


@casademora I had inContext:localContext before then took it out to see if that would work. It seems to be crashing at the results = [context executeFetchRequest:request error:&error]; in + (NSArray *) MR_executeFetchRequest:(NSFetchRequest *)request inContext:(NSManagedObjectContext *)context. There is no errormessage, just (lldb) at the bottom. The only error indicator I get is EXC_BAD_ACCESS


@casademora is it possible to only do a mapping for id and let MR do the auto mapping for the rest since they match? I could map id to masterId


I changed id to come back as something different and still having the crash so we can rule that out.


@casademora I'm at a loss. I set exception logging and nothing is being logged, no exceptions are being thrown and I wrapped both my call and line 33 in a try catch, and nothing is being caught. I am using Xcode 5 and have tried with both iOS 7 and iOS 6. I have renamed by variable to clientMasterId so it is no longer id. I am however using AFNetworking but that shouldn't make a difference.


I'm using AFNetworking with Xcode 5 and MR with no issues, so that's not it.

When you say you renamed the id attribute - this was in your core data model, and not the JSON, correct?


Can you see if this is fixed in the develop branch? I fixed something that looks just like this in the last two days.


Yes, I have confirmed that I have the develop branch. Are the values I pasted supposed to be nil?


I have also went ahead and added the userInfo for keymapping just to rule that out. Here is my setup. While stepping through I am noticing that it is looking for a lookupKey of providerSearchResultsID yet I do not have one in my attributes. Have I done something wrong?
screen shot 2013-08-21 at 6 51 18 pm


adding relatedByAttribute worked for me, even though the data model didn't yet have any relationships. Thanks!

@emadd emadd closed this

Just confirming that I had the same issue. I was crashing on line 33 of NSManagedObjectContext+MagicalRecord.m

Setting the relatedByAttribute on my entity fixed this.

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