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Allow import of entities without a primary key (relatedByAttribute) #640

SergioEstevao opened this Issue January 06, 2014 · 2 comments

3 participants

Sérgio Estêvão Tony Arnold jostster
Sérgio Estêvão

In some scenarios it will be useful to be able to import entities from JSON without using a primary key.
This way it will always insert entities and never update.
This will also improve performance on scenarios when you have a primary key but you are always inserting.

I will contribute a pull request soon to implement this.


I was able to achieve this by adding an attribute <;entity;>ID and leaving it blank.

Tony Arnold

This is possible in both the upcoming 2.3 and 3.0 releases. Please checkout either the develop branch for 2.3 or release/3.0 for 3.0 pre-releases.

Tony Arnold tonyarnold closed this April 08, 2014
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