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So with the latest version of MagicalRecord my build is now broken because MagicalRecord now sets ddLogLevel as does my app. Thoughts? This makes me sad. :(

// First, check if we can use Cocoalumberjack for logging
extern int ddLogLevel;
#define MRLog(...) DDLogVerbose(VA_ARGS)
#define MRLog(...) NSLog(@"%s(%p) %@", PRETTY_FUNCTION, self, [NSString stringWithFormat:VA_ARGS])
#define MRLog(...) ((void)0)

I was able to build once I commented out this line:

extern int ddLogLevel;

Magical Panda Software member

OK cool. That's what I did. Thanks.


This should be fixed in develop — I've back ported @casademora's work from MagicalRecord 3. You can now use the + [MagicalRecord setLogLevel:…] method to set the desired logging level while your application is running.

@tonyarnold tonyarnold closed this Apr 8, 2014
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