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Deadlock during the NSManagedObjectContext's executeFetchRequest #114

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smpete commented Dec 19, 2011

Before the thread isolation mode was added we were experiencing deadlocks when run in iOS 5. Locking and unlocking the NSPersistentStore before and after the executeFetchRequest seems to have solved it.

Not sure how valid this is anymore that thread isolation is added. I'm experiencing the same problem as issue #111 when run in thread isolation mode so for now we must run in private queue mode on iOS 5 with this locking scheme.

Peter Elliott Running in Private Queue mode in iOS 5, experiencing deadlock when ex…
…ecuting the fetch request. Locking the persistent store before performing the fetch fixes it.
smpete commented Dec 21, 2011

No longer relevant with the fixes to private queue mode. There was a copy paste error in my commit comment - should've read when running in Thread Isolation mode in iOS5. But that is moot now...

@smpete smpete closed this Dec 21, 2011
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