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Use user specified ruby installation path instead of defaulting to homebrew installation. #117

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Not everyone has their ruby installed by Homebrew, or that specific version. The env utility invokes the ruby that is first in the users PATH. This will allow people who don't have ruby installed by homebrew to build MR.

Anthony Wong Modified ruby script to grab the ruby path from env instead of always…
… looking for a homebrew installation in Cellar

This assumes env points to 1.9 version of ruby. The code in the processor is ruby 1.9 specific.

@gregfu The previous line assumes that the user has used Homebrew to install version 1.9.2-p290 of ruby. I think that is a far worse assumption than assuming that users have ruby 1.9 in their path.

The old assumption prevents users from using rvm or rbenv to manage their ruby installs and it prevents users from using another version of ruby 1.9.x. I think forcing contributors to have homebrew and that specific version of ruby makes it difficult to contribute to MR.

A better solution would be using the RUBY_VERSION string to inform users that they need ruby 1.9+ to build MR or simply documenting this in the documentation.

This allows people who have installed other versions of ruby 1.9.x and through other means to actually build MR. I think changing the interpreter path is the only way of doing this. Using env to invoke the interpreter is standard practice.


Resolved this in the latest commit

@blackgold9 blackgold9 closed this
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Commits on Dec 21, 2011
  1. Modified ruby script to grab the ruby path from env instead of always…

    Anthony Wong committed
    … looking for a homebrew installation in Cellar
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# ProcessHeader.rb
# Magical Record
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