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iCloud data sync and NSManagedObjectContext #119

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I've recently been experimenting with the iCloud core data support in MagicalRecord and think I may have found an issue. When syncing data from iCloud back to a core data store on OSX application using MagicalRecord, an error message is popped:

2011-12-29 09:40:44.296 iCloudDataMac[35912:523f] CoreData: Ubiquity: Error importing transaction log:
transactionLogLocation: : /Users/rickerbh/Library/Mobile Documents/XXXXXXX~com~glimmerdesign~test~iCloudDataMac/TransactionLogs/mobile.XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX/
transactionNumber: 1
, exception: Can only use -performBlock: on an NSManagedObjectContext that was created with a queue.

It seems that some of the callbacks/notifications don't get triggered when this error arises, although the core data store is correctly updated.

The PRIVATE_QUEUES_ENABLED macro defined in CoreData+MagicalRecord.h only applies to devices that are iOS5 or higher, so the THREAD_ISOLATION_ENABLED macro is what is applied on Mac apps, from what I can see.

I see there are two solutions to this.

  1. Update the macro so PRIVATE_QUEUES_ENABLED works for >=iOS5 devices or Mac apps on >=OSX10.7, or
  2. Update the functions to not use the performBlock facilities, and trigger the notifications another way.

I've updated the macros in my code - although I'm not sure what the side effects (if any) are of using the private queue mechanism on OSX.

I'm happy to create a pull request for my updated macro - just let me know if this is the way you'd like to proceed. If it's user error I'd love to understand what the mistake is.



rickerbh added some commits
@rickerbh rickerbh Merge branch 'master' of
@rickerbh rickerbh Modified macro to avoid "Can only use -performBlock: on an NSManagedO…
…bjectContext that was created with a queue." error on OSX 10.7 Applications using iCloud to sync a core data store. (Issue #119)

I've just realised I've been making changes on my master branch, so my pull request contains all the commits I've ever done. Let me know if you'd like a clean branch to merge. I use github so infrequently I need to keep relearning every time I try to commit something :-(

@rickerbh rickerbh closed this
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Commits on Jul 23, 2011
  1. @rickerbh
Commits on Dec 29, 2011
  1. @rickerbh

    Merge branch 'master' of

    rickerbh authored
  2. @rickerbh

    Modified macro to avoid "Can only use -performBlock: on an NSManagedO…

    rickerbh authored
    …bjectContext that was created with a queue." error on OSX 10.7 Applications using iCloud to sync a core data store. (Issue #119)
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Showing with 12 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +12 −2 Source/CoreData+MagicalRecord.h
14 Source/CoreData+MagicalRecord.h
@@ -32,14 +32,24 @@
#define kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_iPhoneOS_5_0 674.0
+#ifndef kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_10_7
+#define kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_10_7 635.0
+#define MR_MINIMUM_PRIVATE_QUEUE_CF_VERSION kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_10_7
+#define MR_MINIMUM_PRIVATE_QUEUE_CF_VERSION kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_iPhoneOS_5_0
- if (kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber >= kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_iPhoneOS_5_0) \
+ if (kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber >= MR_MINIMUM_PRIVATE_QUEUE_CF_VERSION) \
{ \
__VA_ARGS__ \
- if (kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber < kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber_iPhoneOS_5_0) \
+ if (kCFCoreFoundationVersionNumber < MR_MINIMUM_PRIVATE_QUEUE_CF_VERSION) \
{ \
__VA_ARGS__ \
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