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neocoin commented Sep 24, 2010
  1. Add ActiveRecordHlpersAll.h ~ for one line import.
  2. Add missing definition NSManagedObject+ActiveRecord.h
  3. Fix memory leak that NSFetchedResultsController allocated with out autorelease

I think master-branch must need to solve memory leak problem (number 3).
If you ignore another changes, no problem.

Thank you for CoreData ActiveRecord style shortcut.


So, the global import file was already there, and the memory leaks and missing headers are now there. Feel free to merge the new changes into your verison.

neocoin commented Sep 25, 2010

Oh, I guess all import header file in 'ActiveRecordHelpers.h' for the first time (like other Apple Libraries).

I don't care my branch. I can't use directly after all. I work in svn. So I don't use submodule function in git.
I'll remove my branch and refork.

Thank you changes.

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