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Fix documentation mistake #443

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Alex Dunn Tony Arnold
Alex Dunn

fix #399

Tony Arnold

Hi @thoughtadvances — the code as it stands in the documentation is incorrect, however if you want to do a quick search and return an array containing the result, MR_findAllWithPredicate: is the right method to use. Thanks for pointing out the problem.

Tony Arnold tonyarnold closed this April 20, 2013
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Apr 03, 2013
Alex Dunn Fix MR_fetch method call, fix #399 4fe11b7
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@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ If you want to be more specific with your search, you can send in a predicate:
206 206
207 207
 	NSPredicate *peopleFilter = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"Department IN %@", departments];
208 208
-	NSArray *people = [Person MR_fetchAllWithPredicate:peopleFilter];
+	NSFetchRequest *peopleRequest = [Person MR_requestAllWithPredicate:peopleFilter];
210 210
211 211
 For each of these single line calls, the full stack of NSFetchRequest, NSSortDescriptors and a simple default error handling scheme (ie. logging to the console) is created.
212 212

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