Use MR_SHORTHAND throughout the source code #82

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a2 commented Nov 6, 2011

If we're going to keep MR_SHORTHAND, let's use it consistently.

PS: Is there still a need for it even?


I'd rather it go the other way entirely...

a2 commented Nov 6, 2011

By that do you mean that we get rid of MR_SHORTHAND entirely? (I personally don't use MR_SHORTHAND and I find it bothersome, but if we need to keep it, then we might as well use it consistently.)

@a2 a2 closed this Nov 6, 2011

I agree it should use the MR_ prefix everywhere. I started with the places where I knew it was going to be easy and not break anything. However, the code that uses categories on NSManagedObject and NSManagedObjectContext is much more widely used, and has a few issues with some of the naming, and using a #define macro to fix that...hence I wanted to use a "better" solution when I found it...

a2 commented Nov 7, 2011

So moving toward the future, do we want to get rid of it completely or add it everywhere? I agree with @zwaldowski that it's kind of pointless. Any category infringes on the NS/UI namespace so why should we care now? If Apple updates the SDK, then we can just update the code accordingly and push an update to users…

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