Upgrading to MagicalRecord 3.0

Tony Arnold edited this page Apr 15, 2014 · 2 revisions

MagicalRecord 3 is a major release that introduces new features, many fixes and changes that will require you to change your app's code. It is assumed that if you're coming from MagicalRecord 2.2 or earlier that you have also read the Upgrading to MagicalRecord 2.3 document as well.

This document is a work in progress! Development of MagicalRecord 3 is happening at a fast pace, so this document may not reflect the current state of the repository. Please refer to the library headers for more accurate information during development.

  • Save completion handlers are no longer dispatched on the main thread. For synchronous save methods, completion will happen on the calling thread. For asynchronous save methods, the completion handler will run on the saving thread but no guarantees are made. If you need the completion handler to run on a specific thread, that is now your responsibility.
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