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XCode project templates for use to get you running new projects faster and betterer

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Magical Xcode Project Templates

The Panda likes to get up and running with his iOS projects quickly. He also likes to make sure his apps work, and thus is a furious advocate of unit testing.


To use these magical Xcode project templates, simply copy each folder to:

~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Project Templates

If the Project Templates doesn't exist, just create it. You may need to restart Xcode.


iOS with Unit Testing

This template includes:

  • a bare bones iOS project
  • a separate target setup to run with the following test Setup:

Cocoa Framework with MacRuby tests

  • a Cocoa Framework target
  • Required Gems
    • bundler
    • rack
    • bacon
    • dispatch
  • Required Ruby
  • a Unit Test bundle with a script to run all files with the file template "*_spec.rb"
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