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<h2 id='handcrafted_apps_by_experienced_software_craftsmen'>Handcrafted Apps by Experienced Software Craftsmen</h2>
<p>Magical Panda Software was started so that we can bring our expertise in crafting quality software to more iOS apps. Like all true craftsmen, we at Magical Panda take pride in our work. However, we also understand the rapidly changing business environment, and are pragmatic in all our engineering and business descisions.</p>
<p>Saul Mora, the Founding Panda, has developed software throughout his career for businesses large and small such as IBM, Intel, GoDaddy and <a href=''>Double Encore</a>.</p>
<p>On his journey to learn iOS and Cocoa development himself, Saul has still helped others along the way. From organizing NSCoderNights, to speaking at Cocoa Developer Conferences around the world, Magical Panda holds in high regard the belief that teaching others benefits the student, and the master.</p>
<p>Magical Panda Software has written, and contributed to, several apps in the AppStore. Magical Panda Software can build your app, help out on your team, or pick up a project already started, Magical Panda&#8217;s expertise can help you get your iOS app on the AppStore. <a href='./contact'>Contact us</a> to get the process rolling.</p>
<p>© 2012 - Magical Panda Software, LLC</p>
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