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@koenvanderdrift koenvanderdrift InDigestion no longer uses MagicalRecord 94a3d45
@tblank555 tblank555 Fixed grammar mistakes (comma usage, improper usage of apostrophes, etc.) a565213
@Mazyod Mazyod Updated Working with Managed Object Contexts (markdown) 381cb05
@chack84 chack84 Updated Apps Using MagicalRecord (markdown) 3cbdee6
@BurningSea BurningSea Add ZDClock to "Apps Using MagicalRecord" lists. a9f0bf7
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Home (markdown) a0dcf1b
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated _Sidebar (markdown) f9e7760
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Removing install from source option — the umbrella header is setup to work from a framework/library now e4e289a
@fabioknoedt fabioknoedt Updated Apps Using MagicalRecord (markdown) 9e88be9
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Working with Managed Object Contexts (markdown) bd3bd28
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Getting Started (markdown) 69b03b5
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Installing MagicalRecord (markdown) 76b5cdb
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Update to match behaviour in 2.3-beta.7 4ff18eb
@sulfo sulfo Link for Apple docs didn't work c0157e9
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Installing MagicalRecord (markdown) f0c0816
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Logging (markdown) ce07217
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Logging (markdown) 40b7f81
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Installing MagicalRecord (markdown) 22249d2
@armadsen armadsen Updated Installing MagicalRecord (markdown) 18c925c
@rpassis rpassis Included an example on how to delete local records (and their relationships) not included in the remote dataset. e0cccac
@santifdezmunoz santifdezmunoz Updated Apps Using MagicalRecord (markdown) 85a9e18
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated _Sidebar (markdown) 1919272
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Created Other Resources (markdown) 77492fa
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Home (markdown) 94778db
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated _Sidebar (markdown) 56647e7
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Working with Managed Object Contexts (markdown) 5e5cf02
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Changes to saving in MagicalRecord 2.2 (markdown) a71eb2c
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Home (markdown) a84af07
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Created Changes to saving in MagicalRecord 2.2 (markdown) 2e5de84
@tonyarnold tonyarnold Updated Home (markdown) e4b4355
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