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Citrix PVS scripts for Linux Targets

Please refer to the blog article on for instructions on using this repository


Edit the file to your settings and source it

chmod 600
. ./


git clone into your /root directory and cd citrixpvslinux

Set and run the variables as described above, paying particular attention to the settings

Use the Citrix Documentation as a guide - Install RHEL Workstation on a VM and configure hostname and tools if needed register the subscritpion using subscription-manager and ensure the proper repos are enabled

subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-workstation-rpms \
                           --enable=rhel-7-workstation-extras-rpms \
                           --enable=rhel-7-workstation-optional-rpms \
yum install -y wget screen vim git bash-completion
yum update -y
systemctl reboot # kernel gets updated usually

(This is a good time to snapshot in case you mess up)

cd ~/citrixpvslinux
. ./

copy the citrix vda rpm and install it (might as well copy the PVS Agent also (it's on the PVS 7.12 ISO))

yum install -y ImageMagick motif foomatic-filters
rpm -Uvh ~/XenDesktopVDA-

fix the display issue and prep the AD Join


systemctl poweroff

Take a snapshot and reboot at this point You may want to add the Cache disk now, I added a 10G drive ensure the lists that device correctly also make sure that your cert is from the CA listed in variables and PVS is setup correctly

cd ~/citrixpvslinux
. ./

Install the PVS Agent

yum install -y tdb-tools
rpm -Uvh ~/pvs_RED_HAT_7.14.0_16123_x86_64.rpm

Once the image is done you can clone the VM and remove the OS drive add the new VMs to PVS by MAC address and set to boot from PXE


Try the following for AD issues (for SSSD):

rm -f /etc/krb5.keytab
net ads leave $REALM -U $domain-administrator
  • Delete the machine catalog and delivery group on the DDC
  • Execute /opt/Citrix/VDA/sbin/
  • Create the machine catalog and delivery group on the DDC

Citrix Info

So PVS may handle winbind without the script if this is true set the variable $ADJOIN_TYPE to 1 and the scripts should work you do NOT need the ctxvdaoneshot service for winbind I did have issues with domain join so you can run winbind and add the script to check or join on first launch just enable ctxvdaoneshot service before sealing the image


Citrix PVS scripts for Linux Targets







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