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@@ -18,9 +18,11 @@ You can set up the basics of Cloudlog by opening /install in your browser. Pleas

More information can be found in the [wiki](

Cloudlog now has a [Change Log]( to go along with the commit history please consult this when updating.

## Support

Issues with GitHub are handled via Issues feature on GitHub only.
Issues with Cloudlog are handled via Issues feature on GitHub only.

## CAT Control

@@ -46,7 +48,7 @@ If you would like to contributing in anyway to Cloudlog then its most appreciate

Please note that Cloudlog was built using [Codeigniter]( version 3 and uses Bootstrap 4 for the user CSS framework documentation is available for this when building components.

If you are writing code all javascript and css should be placed within the assets/js or assets/css folders not within the views where possible.
If you'd like to donate to Cloudlog to help allow @magicbug spend less time doing commerical work and more time coding Cloudlog then you can donate via [PayPal](

## Copyright / Licence

@@ -74,21 +76,4 @@ SOFTWARE.

## Credits

* Andy (VE7CXZ) [](
* Gavin (M1BXF) [](
* Graham (W5ISP) [](
* Robert (M0VFC) [](
* Corby (K0SKW) [](
* Andy (GI0VGV)
* Tobias (DL4TMA) [](
* Tony (G0WFV)

## Third Party Interfaces

![Clublog Logo]( "Clublog Logo")

We use the [Clublog]( cty.xml and APIs within the DXCC elements of Cloudlog.

![HamQTH Logo]( "HamQTH Logo")

Cloudlog supports using the callsign lookup service from [HamQTH](
Thanks to Andy (VE7CXZ), Gavin (M1BXF), Graham (W5ISP), Robert (M0VFC), Corby (K0SKW), Andy (GI0VGV), Tobias (DL4TMA), Tony (G0WFV), Kim (DG9VH) for contributing code or help to Cloudlog.

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