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Group Based AccessControl Extension for MediaWiki


  • easy to setup
  • no patches, real extension
  • as many groups as you want
  • access is controlled for viewing and editing the pages (also if you access it manually per action=edit in the URL)
  • only sysops can view and edit the special "Usergroup:.." pages
  • All users in the sysop-Group (the one from mediaWiki) can see and edit the protected pages, so if you made a mistake, you can always correct it, even if the page is protected
  • access can be granted to multiple groups
  • read only access is also possible
  • You can alternatively use the internal groups from your wiki for access control


  • Requires that you disable caching, otherwise the restrictions aren't consistently enforced
  • Users can still use search feature to find unauthorized pages and see excerpts in the search results



Step 1:

  • add the following lines to the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:


Step 2:

  • check (and maybe edit) the settings in accesscontrolSettings.php:

    $wgAccessControlDisableMessages = false; // if false, show a Line on Top of each secured Page, which says, which Groups are allowed to see this page.
    $wgAccessControlGroupPrefix = "Usergroup"; // The Prefix for the Usergroup-Pages
    $wgAccessControlNoAccessPage = $wgScriptPath . "/index.php/No_Access"; // To this Page will these users redirected who are not allowed to see the page.
    $wgWikiVersion = 1.6; // Set this to 1.7, if you use mediaWiki 1.7 or greater, this is for compatibility reasons
    $wgUseMediaWikiGroups = false; // use the groups from MediaWiki instead of own Usergroup pages
    $wgAdminCanReadAll = true; // sysop users can read all restricted pages
    $wgGroupLineText = "This page is only accessible for group %s !!!"; // The text for the showing on the restricted pages, for one group
    $wgGroupsLineText = "This page is only accessible for group %s !!!"; // The text for the showing on the restricted pages, for more than one group
    $wgAccesscontrolDebug = false;  // Debug log on
    $wgAccesscontrolDebugFile = "/var/www/wiki/config/debug.txt"; // Path to the debug log

Step 3:

  • Create a Wiki-Page with the Name Usergroup:Groupname and add the Users in the Group in a Bulletlist

  • Example: You want the Group "IT-Department" with the Users "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" in it:

    • Create the Wiki-Article: "Usergroup:IT-Department" and put the following in its text:

      *John Doe
      *Jane Doe

There is a second possibility for using groups. You can set the variable $wgUseMediaWikiGroups to true and use the internal groups from MediaWiki. Then you can use the special page "Special:Userrights" for Useradministration and you don't have to create the Usergroup pages.

Step 4:

  • Create a No-Access Page with the Name No_Access and Write some Text in it (i.e. "Access to this page is denied for you!")

  • If you want to protect the page, so the users of a group can read but not edit, you have to append "(ro)" to the group name.

  • Example:


    In this example all users from the groups "Administrators", "IT-Department" and "Sales" can read the page but only the users from "Administrators" can edit it.

  • Attention for the german users: if you set $wgUseMediaWikiGroups to true then you have to use the english names for the groups i.E., instead of writing


    you have to write



That's it for the installation. To restrict access on a page-by-page basis to specific usergroups, just include the names of the allowed usergroups within a tag (separated by double commas) in the body of that page. Thus, if you wanted to restrict access to the people with usergroups "Administrators", "IT-Department" and "Sales", you would use the following syntax:


Custom urls

By default the extension links to /index.php/Page, for example for the group links. If you've customized your mediawiki to listen to a different url scheme, you have to find the following line in accesscontrol.php:

// return the HTML link
return "<a href=\"/index.php/$linkTitle\" title=\"$linkTitle\">$linkName</a>";

Change 'index.php' to the links that your wiki is using.